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  1. Encompassed

    Changelog 1.230

    Dear Kings and Queens, There is one more update we would like to highlight. Starting from May 16th, all players have access to Daily Challenge improvements. For example: - Skip today's rewards for tomorrow's rewards. When selecting prizes for the new Daily Challenge, you can click the "You...
  2. Encompassed

    Space Age Jupiter Moon

    Space: Age Jupiter Moon - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) QUESTIONS ANSWERS Why is Space Age: Jupiter Moon so similar to the previous Space Ages? Space Age: Jupiter Moon continues the plot where players explore new corners of space with every Age. And while the mechanics do share...
  3. Encompassed

    Space Age Jupiter Moon

    Dear Kings and Queens, We are proud to present a brand-new Age — Space Age Jupiter Moon (SAJM). The Space Age Jupiter Moon starts on 25th of April, 2022 Mankind has triumphed over energy, transportation, and nourishment. However, cosmic rays and electromagnetic radiation hinders...
  4. Encompassed

    Feedback for Space Age Jupiter Moon

    We would love to hear your feedback about Space Age Jupiter Moon! You can find the announcement here.
  5. Encompassed

    Castle System Additional Levels

    Dear Kings and Queens, We do apologize for the delay; the Castle Update will happen tomorrow, February 22nd instead. We appreciate your patience.
  6. Encompassed

    Feedback for the Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021

    The minimum requirement is the same as it is now - guild-wide, not per member.
  7. Encompassed

    Guild Perks

    Important Info - As the feature will begin on the 17th of November, so will the first three-week cycle. If you have not joined a Guild before the feature (and first cycle begins), then you will not be able to participate for the first three weeks, meaning that you will not be able to donate...
  8. Encompassed

    GBG Performance Issues

    Dear players, Over the past few weeks, we've been receiving some reports of performance issues within the Guild Battlegrounds (mobile only). Thanks to your help, our developers managed to deliver a few improvements, solving the problem for some players - but apparently the problem still...
  9. Encompassed

    Welcome :)

    Welcome :)
  10. Encompassed

    Changelog 1.216

    Dear Kings and Queens, Unfortunately, on Mobile, we were not able to include the improvement to the cash shop display — which shows the amount of points related to each diamond package — in this update. However, we are targeting this improvement with our next update (1.217). In the meantime...
  11. Encompassed

    Forge into Fall - a September Art Contest

    Thank you again everyone who participated - you're all amazing artists, and we loved seeing your work! The winners are .... GoddessMoon Altercus Tmajdan Please send me a PM with the city you'd like your prize delivered to :)
  12. Encompassed

    Forge into Fall - a September Art Contest

    The contest has ended; the winners will be announced in the next few days. Thank you to those who participated!
  13. Encompassed

    Forge into Fall - a September Art Contest

    Welcome to our September contest. Fall is coming, and we’d like to celebrate with a bit of creativity. This is an art contest – but art takes a lot of forms. Maybe you like to sketch, draw, or paint. Maybe you’re a sculptor or into interior design. Maybe your creativity comes out in your...
  14. Encompassed

    August Contest - Summer Event!

    And the winners are... 1. Darth Mole 2. anders16 3. wolfhoundtoo 4. srug 5. Jarlaxl the Drow Please send me a private message to claim your prize with the world you would like to receive it on in the message! Thank you to everyone for trying!
  15. Encompassed

    August Contest - Summer Event!

    Welcome to our Summer Event Contest! Enter to win 5 Dubloons! Below, you'll find a chart of scrambled words pertaining to a very piratey theme. The objective is to unscramble as many as you can correctly. PROART LLSKU TYNUIM PSIH FGLA APKLN AISLND RTOP CVEO SJEELW HGHI AESS LGDO UOREG...
  16. Encompassed

    Changelog 1.211

    Hello Queens and Kings, The update to 1.211 will take place on Wednesday, August 18th. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. For the detailed description of the changes, please see the list below: Improvements...
  17. Encompassed

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    Please read about update 1.211 here and give your feedback below.