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  1. Darkest.Knight

    PVP Tower

    I don't see many comments regarding the PVP Tower, since I only pay attention to the players around me, top 20, I'm not sure how actively players are participating. I find the Tower is worth the small effort it takes to participate. I know the group between rank 10-20 is very active, we swap...
  2. Darkest.Knight

    Celtic Farmstead Upgrades

    Any idea whether or not we will get another lvl1 or are all the event building rewards upgrades? I don't want to use a selection set a make a lvl1 if I might get another.
  3. Darkest.Knight

    Just In Time-Purchasing Multiple FPS

    I've been doing pretty well spending my coin on Fps, 52000 so far, but recently started falling behind. It's really nice that I can now purchase 10 at once, won't take me long to spent my coin now.
  4. Darkest.Knight

    Looking Forward to Next Era

    It's been around a yr since SAV was introduced, it shouldn't be too much longer before a new one comes out. I'm starting to get pretty tried of the present era and looking forward to something new. We'll have to wait and c what we get but I'm hoping the hometown footprint is increased and I'll...
  5. Darkest.Knight

    St. Patrick's Day event building award

    I noticed that the St. Patrick's Day event is next, has anyone previously done the event and gotten 2 buildings and if so, how many diamonds did it cost?
  6. Darkest.Knight

    Good Job Inno

    With the changes made more recently I'm now able to use most of my excesses, easy to burn up medals in tower, always spend my gold on fps and use a lot of goods negotiating for castle rewards and battleground negotiations. I still have a lot of extra goods. Since my buildings generate large...
  7. Darkest.Knight

    What's Your Favorite Buff and Its %?

    My favorite buff is Coin Production, with Game Hub buff I'm at 1362%.
  8. Darkest.Knight

    Keeping It Interesting

    Since I cannot respond in a similar post because it had become unconstructive and closed I'm posting a similar one with few of my personal choices for keeping it interesting. I started the game first by looking at the top characters and comparing them to the lower one's, was obvious that top...
  9. Darkest.Knight

    Does anyone else make a lot of gold?

    I'm curious about other players stats, only GB lvls are listed and I'm curious about players making gold and spending it on FP's. I'm currently making around 185M gold/day and I'm buying 100+ FP's/day. So far I've purchased 33K FPS and the current cost is 1.65M ea.