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  1. Auction Glitch

    As you experienced, it is an effective bidding strategy when bidding against players that want to bid only a few coins higher than the current bid. I'll do this every time I come up against a player that bids this way. As @Ebeondi Asi already said, the "cure" is to bid what you are actually...
  2. So when is the server performance going to get way better?

    Yeah, now it's my turn to appear rude. The reason that submitting tickets seems pointless is two-fold. First, and foremost, Support invariably suggests "clear your cache and cookies, they do not take responsibility for the problem. Secondly, after getting this advice for the umptheenth time...
  3. Colonial Age Units

    In CA my A/D was in the 650/450 range and I auto-battled in GBG with a mix of Musketeers and rogues with the number of rogues at least the number of field guns in the defending army.
  4. So when is the server performance going to get way better?

    Hi. I'm not sure how looking at "logs" will provide the clues needed to confirm that improvements were made with the most recent update. The fact is that opening day of GBG has been plagued with lag from the time that I started playing. Yesterday, after "improvements", the lag was the worst...
  5. Main City Expansions

    The question mark is a pretty good clue. :cool:
  6. Over-donated to treasury

    I've wondered why clicking the Guild Treasury donation is not answered with a confirmation window before the donation is captured (like spending diamonds or selling a building). If the amount over-donated is significant I'd send a message to support. It never hurts to ask. The worst they can...
  7. Going from EMA to HMA and eventually FE

    With ARC at 80+ and CF at 58+ goods will be plentiful if a player contributes to 1.9s and does the "spend x forge points" RQs. I levelled up both my ARC and CF when I was in EMA and haven't had a goods building since. The "refined versus unrefined" thing has never been an issue and I'm in OF now.
  8. Archaeology 2022 Feedback

    If you compare the 2021 Archeology Event with this year's, you'll see that the mechanics didn't change from what I can see. The grand prize is, of course, different (set this year, single building last). The Butterfly Gardens can be set up much like the Harvest Farm for a decent amount of...
  9. alcatraz

    no. You must have at least one military building. It does not need to be fully constructed to be effective
  10. Going from EMA to HMA and eventually FE

    What's your A/D%? Unless the OP is in a top GBG-centric guild and can fight 470 battles at near zero attrition, 800/day is not achievable with a L10 Triad and L20 Traz.
  11. AO or Kraken?

    My Kraken is L26 and I find it very useful for taking sectors on the C-Map. 16 charges is more than enough to take a province. If the Kraken doesn't fire I retreat and start over. Got me thru SAAB with FE units and thru SAV using mostly OF units. Having a province scouted and ready for...
  12. Going from EMA to HMA and eventually FE

    How do you build bank with a L80 ARC using a 1.9 thread? Sure, she can collect her city and convert the collection to bank by contributing to 1.9s at a 1:1 ROI but 50K FPs would be a stretch in a couple of months, let alone a week or two. EMA city with low level attack triad rules out a lot of...
  13. Chateau Frontenac rewards

    It's true. Take, for example, AF. It has a "spend 99 FPs" AND a "spend 200 FP" recurring quest. With both active, a 200 FP donation to a GB simultaneously completes both quests. All earlier eras have only one "spend FP" quest.
  14. Recruit units quest

    Collecting Traz does fulfill the recruiting quest IF you have a barracks in your city with the appropriately aged units. Rogues are "no age" so they don't count.
  15. Chateau Frontenac rewards

    I took mine to 98 in EMA right after getting ARC to 80. I haven't had any worries regarding goods/coins/supplies ever since and I don't come close to the 2000 abort limit (I abort maybe 400/day).
  16. Forge Plus Feedback

    I don't see a difference between carriages like mine (not active) and the one for a player that has active ForgePlus.
  17. Archaeology 2022 Feedback

    Only INNO can answer your question....and they probably won't. If you get to a quest with a GE option on Monday, you'll either have to wait until Tuesday or complete the other option in order to continue with the quests. Just like the rest of us.
  18. Why not protect users?

    WOW! 6 players (give or take, I didn't count) think cheating is a big deal. Meanwhile, 200K (give or take) active players on the US server don't care enough to join in this discussion (or any other Forum discussion for that matter). Of those that do contribute to the Forum, only a dozen (give...
  19. Why not protect users?

    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Words to live by.