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  1. Mmomlol

    story quest

    in the story quest, it asked me to scout a province and i had already gotten it but then it said to infeltrate 2 sectors of that province umm so now i am stuck and i cant move on
  2. Mmomlol

    color of units

    i noticed that in my army, there are a lot of white colored skined units but there are not many colored skin units. will inno games ever make colored skin units? i think it would make the game more diverse
  3. Mmomlol

    happy new year

    literally just heres to a better year
  4. Mmomlol

    i need limestone

    please pm me if you have limestone i will do fair trades
  5. Mmomlol

    sending stuff

    will there ever be a way to send items in your inventory to another persons inventory? then you could send unwanted stuff to someone who needs it
  6. Mmomlol

    goods for reaserch

    how many goods of the age i am in should i have before i move on to the next age?
  7. Mmomlol

    Unformatted SHADERS

    in the game settings there should be a option for shaders or re texture options this way you can make your world look how you want it to. but they would not be to crazy. just maybe the water around your city could have moving incidents and the flowers be different colors and the boat for guild...
  8. Mmomlol

    Unformatted incidents

    one thing i notice when i start a new world is the incidents. they spawn at the same rate in iron age as they do in space age mars. i think instead the higher the age, the more incidents. it could be kind of a way to reward the higher ages and it would represent more going on; a bigger city...
  9. Mmomlol


    what is the best in game way to get dimonds?