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  1. Darth Mole

    Anyone know what this is

    Green mark next to the Artificial Scales number in my inventory
  2. Darth Mole

    Understanding Prestige and how it affect Guild position

    For some reason I can't get my head around how a guilds prestige is made up? I understand that the more Prestige a guild has the higher up the rankings it moves. What I don't understand is where it comes from! I've totaled up the daily power from my Guilds GvG action - all the maps together...
  3. Darth Mole

    Fighter looking for a home?

    Top 20 Guild. All 4 levels each and every week. 44 Gold 6 Silver 3 Bronze Looking for fighters for GvG mainly. Vive La Resistance! Message me in game or reply here. Moley
  4. Darth Mole

    Just one sector

    I have control of 1 sector in Col Age GvG. I'm the guild founder so have all the rights. There's no where to go - surrounded by bigger stronger guilds so want to get rig of the sector ans start again. Can't for the life of me find out how!! There's no Grant Freedom option - any help??
  5. Darth Mole

    Need one more player

    Hi, I got bored of being in big guilds with so much going on. I've formed a 2 person guild with a friend with the sole intention of doing 64 encounters in GE each week. We need a third like minded forger to be able to compete against other guilds. If this is you and you can pay your way with Arc...
  6. Darth Mole

    Messages from FoE

    Proposal: Have the ability to get rid of Messages from Inno once read Current System: They just stay there for days at the top of your message box until some minion decides it's clogged up the system long enough. Details: Really - who wants it sat here. Open it, read it click delete. Move on...
  7. Darth Mole

    Best Obs Leveling Strategy for Guild

    What strategies have members adopted for getting Observatories leveled quickly without having to resort to compulsory donations from Guild members?
  8. Darth Mole

    Booting before GE starts

    I may need to boot a player before GE starts this week. Any idea how long before it starts do I need to boot in order for them to have no impact on Goods required for levels 2-4 It might be 1 second or may be a few hours?
  9. Darth Mole

    Every so often

    .... you stumble upon something priceless. This amused me. Obviously destined for greatness Optimistically using 'we' and some excellent exclamation marks :
  10. Darth Mole

    What's this?

    Anyone know - just started noticing it a couple of days ago only on FP packages on PC? Grey square & Arrow - doesn't appear to do anything when clicked on?
  11. Darth Mole

    Points in GE

    For any given encounter in GE will I earn the same amount of points for the competition no matter how I solve it? ie If I battle and don't even receive a hit or I battle and just squeak a victory or I negotiate and get it right 1st attempt or negotiate and end up spending 20 diamonds?
  12. Darth Mole

    Join the Furry Resistance!

    New Guild with established experienced players offering all sorts of help. Come and grow with us Fight the Oppressors - join the Resistance!! Message me in game or just auto join!!
  13. Darth Mole

    Terrace Farms or Tribal Squares?

    In my 2nd World I'm Colonial Age - I'm a fighter and plunderer. Traz, CoA, Zeus and CoA all up around lv 10 or 11 I have a bunch (11 or so) Tribal squares churning out coin and goods (55) from HMA and LMA. I don't need coin but do need FPs and Goods. I have 3 Terrace F already and use primarily...
  14. Darth Mole

    My New Favorite GB

    Just got a Dynamic Tower in my first city. Awesome! Spins at a crazy pace - gives supplies - but the clincher is those goods it coughs up when you aid. Work your way down your friends list et voila, a slowly increasing stock of higher age goods. Like it even more than my Arc - for the moment...
  15. Darth Mole

    Anyone know anything about 'points'

    I've picked up some 'points' and had 2 posts deleted. Anyone know how to find out how many points I might have and how many I'd need to acrue to suffer some consequences. 2 alerts below is all the info I have to go on I'm afraid.
  16. Darth Mole

    What Happened to Ardak in the Middle Ages?

    My theory is that a drunken Knight dragged him behind the Tavern and defiled him. Your theories please...
  17. Darth Mole

    Close Encounters of the GE Kind

    My Guild the League of Gentlemen prides itself on its GE record - 45 Golds 4 Silvers and 0 Bronze. This week with 1 day and 12hrs to go we are up against the Lava Walkers from Qunrir. This is going to be a nail biter!! Go the LoG!
  18. Darth Mole

    The Arc

    Could someone explain in laymans terms the contribution boost that the Arc gives? ie if I put my own FPs into my Arc or someone else's Arc or indeed if say I put 100Fps into a Babel that levels. Just built my 1st and want to get the most out of it. Cheers Moley
  19. Darth Mole

    Code of Conduct for Gentlemen Plunderers

    Love it of Loathe it ..... it's part of the game and it aint going away anytime soon. Hello everybody, my name is Darth Mole and I am a Plunderer.:oops: However I do have personal rules that I do not break. That way I can plunder with a (relatively) clear conscience! You may agree with my...
  20. Darth Mole

    Innogames TV- June Feedback

    Hedge Maze eh? Nice. Loving Timons hair too!