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  1. Tytan the Great

    Forge Bowl 2022 Feedback

    I was hoping the Fiore Villega will be updated to include fps on the live version. Without fps, and with the other stats nothing outstanding, it will be hard to justify putting it down, especially for newer players. I personally don’t need the fps, so I’m on the fence about it. Will see how many...
  2. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    This x1000. This settlement is already so slow, tedious, and boring; we mobile players need all the help we can get. Currently, on iOS, tapping on the town hall brings up the development overview screen. But there is already a button called develop that will bring up the same screen, so there...
  3. Tytan the Great

    Winter 2021 Feedback

    My canal is currently lv 8. I will get one selection kit at the end of the quest line, and need to light 20 more houses for another selection kit. Currently I have about 150 stars, most of them are from the quest 55 milestone, with about 15 days left in the event and more stars to be won. I will...
  4. Tytan the Great

    Is life support useful at any point?

    Some people do have goods buildings on the colony, and the saving in coin and supply do add up in the long term. If you have other means to obtain SAM goods, like GBG, event buildings, RQ, etc, and don’t need goods buildings, then life support is useless. Just have houses to get enough credit to...
  5. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for the Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021

    Will the quality of life improvements, i.e. intruder log, toggle sector names on/off, be added to the old(Volcano) map? If not now, any plans in the future?
  6. Tytan the Great

    Castle System Feedback

    Are the 15 fights and 15 negotiations daily the only tasks limited by day? All other ways to earn castle coins are done as we play normally, like winning auctions and doing GE, right? These 15 and 15 I will be actively trying to do daily, everything else I will just play like normal and let it...
  7. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for update 1.214

    Does that button have to be there, at that specific spot? Why can’t it be moved? How many players are showering praises to the brilliant placement location of this button, vs how many are voicing their displeasure with its spot?
  8. Tytan the Great

    [Question] Mixed age hood

    With the most recent hood change, I notice my hood comprises of quite a few people one age below me. I’m in OF, and saw approximately 1/4 of the hood are still in AF. I always thought the hood always consists of people of the same age. It doesn’t really matter much to me, but I can see how some...
  9. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    On a bright side, after playing it for a day and reading all the feedback, it gives me complete confidence in abandoning it and never look back, focus all my energy to instead keep cranking out Egypt nonstop for the next 6 months. By my estimate, I can do one run though in about 7-8 days. That’s...
  10. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for update 1.210

    While I applaud Inno’s step in the right direction for harmonizing the colors of attack and defense stat, and make them consistent, there are still a few more steps to take to make the whole scheme more coherent and less confusing. See attached screen shots. As someone said up thread, the...
  11. Tytan the Great

    Need for a "road map" of one's city

    You can use the city layout feature from FOEhelper on PC. It should give you exactly what you need.
  12. Tytan the Great

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    As far as I know, besides fragments and FP packs, all items in your inventory can be sold. There are no such things as “special items” that you got stuck with forever. You just need to unlock them first. Someone posted screenshots in this thread on how to do that, post #79.
  13. Tytan the Great

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    On mobile, in the inventory page, toward the top, there are 3 checkboxes, one of them is the lock. You have to check that box, then you can toggle each individual item in your inventory to unlock/lock them. I don’t know how it works on PC.
  14. Tytan the Great

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Why can’t you sell them? You just need to unlock in your inventory first. A while back Inno made all new items added to inventory locked by default, so people don’t sell things accidentally.
  15. Tytan the Great

    Gate of the Sun God ATTACK BOOST

    I am used to the symbols and colors, so no problems distinguish between them. However, perhaps Inno needs to do a minor update and makes all attack stats with one colors, and same for defense. Perhaps red sword and red shield for attacking attack and attacking defense, while blue sword and blue...
  16. Tytan the Great

    Event Hub Feedback

    I just looked closely in the event hub design. Currently, it has 6 kiosk slots. We will win one kiosk from the current soccer event, and there are 5 events left, corresponding to the remaining 5 slots. What will happen at the end of the year when all the kiosks are added? Will we receive...
  17. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for Space Age Venus

    I saw this a few days ago, and decided to test it out, since it’s the first time I’ve heard about it. Just aged up to TE today after GbG started, without doing anything battles in GbG. As I suspected, this is incorrect. I’m still fighting CE troops, while the rewards are all TE. TL,DR: no need...
  18. Tytan the Great

    Feedback for Space Age Venus

    I’m not really sure what else is left to be said for Venus, when beta testers have said everything. Besides a minor nerf of the units (power dragons?), nothing was changed. The new GB is completely useless and too expensive for what it gives. I guess it’s pretty?
  19. Tytan the Great

    G.E points

    What about when 2 players of the same age both did all 64 encounters, but their points are different? Does it have to do with the troops used? Lower age troops give lower points perhaps?
  20. Tytan the Great

    I'm confused about ST. Patrick event

    The best way to visualize this event, at least for me, is there are 2 opposite strategies. Either way will work, depends on your time and commitment. 1. You get your Druid upgrade kits through the main prizes you earn after every 25 tasks. They appear every 3 main prizes. For this strategy, you...