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  1. Don Giovanni of Austria

    May Madness 2021 Feedback

    Got soaked twice with the "mystery chest"----one time was a (semi-useful) chessboard, the other an annoying wishing well shrink kit. Aside from selling that shrink kit to Antiques, it's not worth anything to me (I hate wishing wells-----regular or shrunk, to me they're completely overrated)
  2. Don Giovanni of Austria

    Mughal Empire Cultural Settlement Feedback

    It's a grand addition. We already have so many buildings which have a Mughal Imperial look (The Maharajah Palace and associated gardens/towers) Memorial Chaatri, even the drummer school and color guard encampment, that adding any more is perfectly in keeping with the look. An excellent idea...
  3. Don Giovanni of Austria

    name change?

    how is it possible to change your name and/or the name of your guild?
  4. Don Giovanni of Austria

    Feudal Japan Feedback

    got it! thanks, mate.
  5. Don Giovanni of Austria

    Feudal Japan Feedback

    So this is to everybody: if you made the error of choosing the Viking settlement, how do you get out of it to be able to choose another. I like the Egyptian settlement most, I think, and would much prefer being there-----any way to do that?
  6. Don Giovanni of Austria

    St.Patrick's Event 2021 Feedback

    I didn't like it last year----it was the most widely disliked event of the year. Confusing, complicated and an obvious diamond-drain---with little reward for all the hassle:mad:. I take it that nobody in charge reads feedback, because I wasn't alone in my dislike of this one.
  7. Don Giovanni of Austria

    Cheating in GVG

    I have a more basic Rengi question----who are they? Whenever there is bullying and nasty backstabbing, they are always there- despicable. But who in hell are they?