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  1. Trycerlon

    Feedback for update 1.214

    Has anyone seen anything in the recent changelogs that actually states that the Chat on PC would be changing to this new drab beige on beige look? It seems like another 'feature' they rolled out too early when its meant to be in a changelog a month from now, which I'm fairly sure Inno keeps...
  2. Trycerlon

    Questions about GvG battles

    Attacking a sector of yours that another guild is sieging, damages the enemy siege. If you can win 10 battles against that siege before they take the tile then it will be broken and they will need to siege again.
  3. Trycerlon

    Virtual Reality version of FOE

    I believe all of the buildings are only textured in a specific way, so walking around would just have blank areas, as the buildings wouldn't show from more than one direction. I could be wrong, but I think that one of the reasons for there being no rotate button (Besides it being a core aspect)...
  4. Trycerlon

    [Question] GBS

    The age of the GB determines which buildings need aided/plundered in order to get BPs from non-donations, and also what goods are required to build it. So if you have friends in FE, or you donate to a lot of Arcs, you can get the blueprints from that and get the goods from someone in FE. It is...
  5. Trycerlon

    Feedback Mobile Chat

    "Noob" is listed in the Game Rules as being acceptable. You also do not need to open the chat if you do not want to, it is a button to open, its not always on the screen.