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  1. Yugi the Tempest

    Battle result window

    For those on PC, do any of you have the occasional issue of the battle result confirmation window being smaller? My god it's annoying as I have no idea why it happens. Here's an explanation: When I click "auto battle", the second wave "auto battle" button is exactly where the first one was so...
  2. Yugi the Tempest

    No color emojis in message center

    I'm not sure how this happened, but on my PC at home, the emojis that are posted in thread titles and/or messages no longer have color, i.e. if someone posts a "thumbs up" emoji, it is just a black and white emoji with no yellow color. My PC at work does not have this issue. Anyone know what...
  3. Yugi the Tempest

    I know, but I don't know why.

    Earlier today I was enjoying the thrill and excitement of mo/po and tavern sitting for my newly increased friends list. Nothing says riveting and exciting game play like "click, click, click, click, next page" for the better part of 10 minutes. Easily the most mind numbing chore in any online...
  4. Yugi the Tempest

    When your ARC is close to level 80

    When you are almost to level 80 so your whole week is dedicated to leveling that ARC
  5. Yugi the Tempest

    GBG rewards

    Is there just a general percentage for when fps are rewarded after a GBG encounter (neg or fight)? I just did 40 (25/15) and got a whopping 20 fps. I about threw my tablet out the window. Has it been nerfed recently or was this just bad luck on an epic scale?
  6. Yugi the Tempest

    Uncommon relics

    Not quite sure I understand the logic of having a small medal package as an uncommon relic reward. All other uncommon rewards have decent value that is arguably comporable or at least not disappointing. But a small medal package? Really? In HMA, that's 80 medals. I get 1300 from a P5 spot...
  7. Yugi the Tempest

    Plundering rationale

    As a relatively new player, I'm struck with how completely off balance the plundering system is. Attacking another player for quest purposes is understandable, but plundering? There simply is no way that a player can avoid losing resources if they are put in a hood with players literally...
  8. Yugi the Tempest

    Unformatted Provide an "OR" option for guild related quests.

    I am a solo player with no real desire to join a guild. When my daily challenge or special event quest requires donating to a guild, I am unable to complete that part of the quest. Providing an "OR" option when there is a guild related quest would improve the ability for solo players to...
  9. Yugi the Tempest

    Stuck on Soccer quest...does it change?

    I'm stuck on a Soccer Cup quest that requires defeating an army that I have no chance of doing. Do these quests reset at any time or is the event over for me after 2 days?
  10. Yugi the Tempest

    Why the constant freezing?

    Just started to play and am finding it almost unplayable because the game freezes...ALOT. I have to close the tab and reload the game at least 3 times during a battle. Am I doing something wrong here or is the client just that bad?