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  1. Aethelcatt VIII

    King Statue and Royal Garden Set

    My question is: Would anybody actually buy that King Statue for 10,530 trade coins and 19 gemstones when nobody wants to bid more than 672 coins on the whole set for a entire two-hour auction? :p
  2. Aethelcatt VIII

    Witch doctors, shrines of inspiration, or wishing wells? (Subtraction, not addition)

    Hi, all! I’m in the planning stage of putting the recently acquired old goodies--the harvest farm/field pieces--into my city and ran into a bit of a dilemma, so I’ll toss the question out here and see what the experts would say. In order to open up enough space, I’ll need to choose one of these...
  3. Aethelcatt VIII

    3-ingredient Bake vs. 1-ingredient Bake

    Help! I need a math expert to help me sort my brains out on this: Mathematically, a 3-ingredient bake in the fall event minigame that has a 15% chance at the daily special gives you a better shot than 3 single-ingredient bakes that each has a 10% chance because, well, three shots at 10% is still...
  4. Aethelcatt VIII

    Avatars that are all the sudden all over the place

    Maybe I've been sitting in my city and counting FPs for too long, so I'm losing track of what's going on in the rest of the FoE world (or rather, worlds). Just out of curiosity, what's the meaning of these new avatars, and why are there all the sudden a whole bunch of people ditching their...
  5. Aethelcatt VIII

    Unformatted More Avatars, Please!

    We need more avatars that the players can choose from--that shouldn't be too hard to do, right? It's not a huge deal, but sometimes my tavern looks like a twin, triplet and quadruplet conference, and it is a little disconcerting when you are sandwiched on your friends list between two players...
  6. Aethelcatt VIII

    Disappearing Neighbors: What Happened to Them?

    Have you ever noticed some of your neighbors disappearing in the middle of the night, never to be seen again? I mean, like a player who had a very profitable GB project you were thinking about investing in, or one whom you had attacked before for a quest and wanted to go back later and aid, only...
  7. Aethelcatt VIII

    Mishap on the Soccer Field

    The match is at a critical point, and Team Æthelcatt has to score on this possession to stay in the Gold League. Barry Miller receives the ball from Paul Mason, passes it on to Dave Robinson and immediately runs to the sideline to consume his allotted 87 energy drinks. Surprisingly, Dave is...
  8. Aethelcatt VIII

    Where Do Your People Live?

    On the surface, my city is booming these days, with bigger and fancier buildings going up left and right. Underneath the surface, though, I’m beginning to sense a serious housing crisis brewing. Back in the days when we only had dirt trails in the city and there were no buildings more than one...
  9. Aethelcatt VIII

    Has the black tower really fallen from grace to this extent?

    I just dropped by the antique dealer and saw one on auction with absolutely nobody bidding on it at all, so I bought it at the base price--for fewer trade coins than what the antique dealer is willing to pay to buy it back! I mean, after all, it is still a pretty good producer even for its size...
  10. Aethelcatt VIII

    Did somebody...

    ...manage to motivate my town hall, Tower of Babel, Galata Tower and Cathedral of Aachen? o_O ;)
  11. Aethelcatt VIII

    Farewell to my new friends from the Archaeology Event

    Hello, everybody! First time posting on this forum, and I’d like to introduce to you a few of my new friends—old-nemesis-turned-new-friends, to be exact. Folks: please meet Larry, Harry, Gary, Joe, and their supporting catapults, Hillary and Ivanka (Hillary is the one on the left when they get...