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  1. RaveWolf

    Original Message Preview (Message Center)

    Idea: Basic idea is to have an option or method of viewing the Original (Top Most) Message within a Thread. Reason: We can't deny that we have plenty of threads within the Message Center. Some that are there to stay, and some that come and go within a few hours. We also have many new players or...
  2. RaveWolf

    [Question] FoE Fan Club" Level

    I have reach the highest "FoE Fan Club" Level... How do I now see how many days I've been playing for?
  3. RaveWolf

    Forced to load Flash instead of HTML5

    Hi all, Before I log a ticket via support or refresh all my cache... Is anyone else being forced to load the Flash version? (Chrome Browser) Thanks
  4. RaveWolf

    New (Outskirts) Building Proposal.

    Proposal: To add a new building to the outskirts of the city, e.g. The Tavern, Arctic Harbor and Oceanic Terminal. Building / Landmark - "Table Mountain" - Cape Town, South Africa. Current System: Multiple of Items stored in the Inventory doing nothing but taking up space. Details: Cape Town...
  5. RaveWolf

    Palm Tree Blues.

    Dear INNO, Please extend the map to add an Island for all these darn Palm Trees. :p
  6. RaveWolf

    Forge Point Overview - Same as the New Era Goods Overview.

    Proposal To add an extra quick overview, but for FPs. Current System The system has been updated recently with the new Era Goods Icon on the top bar which displays the amount of Goods you have in storage in your current era... Details I would like to suggest the same as the above but for...
  7. RaveWolf

    Achievements Info

    Proposal To Basically keep the stats available even after "you have Reached the Highest Level...". Current System Currently when you Reach the highest Level of an Achievement, all info is removed and you're left with - "You've reached the highest level of this achievement". Details I think it...
  8. RaveWolf

    [Guide] Forum Etiquette

    I've been holding back and biting my tongue for a long time now, just can't hold back anymore... I am going to be honest and up-front... I do not know if this is the correct section to post this, If not then may a Moderator kindly advise!! Preface: Firstly: I am not going to mention names, nor...
  9. RaveWolf

    Message Centre Upgrade

    Proposal To have New Tabs in the Message Centre window that is dedicated to specific threads. Current System The system only has two tabs, Message Overview and Create Message, which in itself is ok, but I believe it could benefit from a slight upgrade. Details Posts are never ending and can...
  10. RaveWolf

    [Question] Only show acceptable offers

    I have searched all over the forum using multiple terms and have come up with Multiple complaints about the Fair Trade Calculators and Unfair trades etc. I am not posting here about the Calculators... My Question is: As per the Market, what does FoE determine as being "Acceptable Offers"...
  11. RaveWolf

    Prevent member auto popup

    I would like to propose the prevention of the Member profile from popping up when minimized. Stop (1) from popping up when the cursor hovers over the bottom of the screen (2).
  12. RaveWolf

    Public Poll for Contests

    I propose the following in response to the backlash that is being received from others in regards to the choices made for the "Halloween Costume Contest". See Comments #121 and #126. Followed by my response, #122 Although I feel that their responses are unjustified, it is obviously a real...