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  1. Arctic Future Heavy Units In Town Hall?

    When I look at my emissaries in my Town Hall, it appears each troop-related emissary gives specific type troop(s) only. Japan gives Artillery Viking gives Fast Egypt gives Ranged Not sure about the other 2 settlements. That might be why you aren't receiving Heavy troops from Town Hall though.
  2. November Competition

    B3, E3, B7, E7 - I would like my prize in Carthage
  3. Castle system in Content Map

    I have gotten the castle coins from fighting on the Continent Map. However, using goods on the C-Map is not a negotiation, it's just a straight up payment. So no castle coins for that, from what I saw.
  4. Ol' faithfuls....

    My first event was Archeology 2020. Grabbed a bunch of SoK's, Airship and a World's Fair. Some of the SoK's survive, and Airship. World's Fair is on the chopping block at beginning of next event. The Golden Crops is actually a better building for that size spot,
  5. August Contest - Summer Event!

    parrot, skull, mutiny, ship, flag, plank, island, port, cove, jewels, high seas, gold, rogue, anchor, crew, plunder, hideout, first mate, keel, map, ashore, ahoy, treasure, cannon, sand Fun contest. Hideout took me forever to figure out :)
  6. July Competition - Who dares wins!

    Click E7, then Click E8, then Destroy F8 - this yields a 3 star chest If you have to Destory first, Destroy F5, then click E7, then Click E8 yields a 4-star chest
  7. Caption Competition #3.

    "Hands off! Who do you think you are, Prince Andrew?"
  8. Feedback: Suggestions for our Community Sprint

    Sort GE Contribution list by Encounters, rather than by Contributed Points. Completed Encounters determine Guild Championship ranking, not points. New members (myself included) get discouraged when they do well and complete a lot of encounters, but appear near the bottom of the list because they...
  9. Suggestion.. for Guilds

    I can understand the privacy issues, but for some parts of the game (GBG, GVG? and GB contributions, especially in sweet spots) I can see where it would be a big help to see who in the guild is online to coordinate efforts. This is the least "social" social game I have played in years; it took...
  10. Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    Each one is 3x5
  11. Load times (Mobile)

    Same here, so it isn't a bad wifi thing. IOS. Same happens on cellular.
  12. Halloween Event 2020 Feedback

    I decided to go all in on day 1 to get the Asylum. Completed the first 30 quests, knocked out who knows how many toy quests (6 of 8 have check marks but I did some multiple times) 10k in diamonds. Picked up 283 light bulbs, didn't pass up a single pumpkin that I uncovered, and ended up with 8 AA...
  13. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    I was holding off spending my remaining ingredients, hoping for the One Up Kit as daily prize. I see the Tac Tower Upgrade Kit ends at Midnight my time, and the event ends at 4:30am. Will the prize change at Midnight (hopefully to the One Up Kit) for the last 4.5 hours of the event?
  14. Maze competition

    In case you need in image form
  15. Maze competition

    Not beautiful but here it is...
  16. Summer 2020 Feedback

    I went the route of waiting until I had 20 Doubloons saved up before even looking at the wheel. I'm caught up on quests, and was feeling very lucky; got 3 crow's nests for 2, 13 and 14 spins, so I was way below the "average" of 15 spins for a gold prize. With 24 on hand, a neighbor refreshed and...
  17. Which Star Trek character are you most like?

    I'm most like the nameless red shirt that always gets killed in the first 10 minutes...
  18. AI Manipulation

    It might also be the event; my normal aiding and tavern sitting times were thrown out of whack for the first few days of the event because I was trying to make sure I had motivates/sits lined up for the event quests.
  19. Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    That is good to hear; you must have gotten all my luck yesterday! It took me 4 goals to get 1 track, which was all I wanted for my plan. Hopefully I will do better next time. I should have stopped after 1 goal, but I kept figuring "gotta get the prize on the next one" over and over. At least it...