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Search results

  1. GbG Farming and alliances. Would this help deter it?

    What if they were to not count the points from sectors that had a siege on it that is more than 90% completed at the top of the hour?
  2. Once, just once (plunders)

    I would like them to do a hood shuffle and group the top plunder, or hood fighters, together. :-) Hey! They could make an event out of it somehow.
  3. Reward item that grants one friend request.

    I wonder if would be possible for FoE to make a reward item that would grant you 1 friend request. As long as your friends list isn't full.
  4. Is there anyway to get back a friend I removed?

    I hastily removed a friend and now regret it. Has anyone contacted support to see if they will put a friend they removed back in their friends list?
  5. Good FP price for FE goods?

    How many FPs should I get for 1875 FE goods. I have done it for 300FP in the past for 1:1 goods trades of different ages.
  6. Technical help...

    How do you delete a post? How do you delete a post?