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  1. Lucifer1904

    Thread Closed

    Thread Closed
  2. Lucifer1904

    Mount Killmoire Lotto

    Rules: 1. As always, no profanity 2. One entry per player 3. Myself (The contest holder) as well as Innogames Volunteers and Staff Reserve the right to deny entries for any reason without notice. 4. Do not enter the same number twice 5. Only 1 winner will be drawn 6. To enter you must be a...
  3. Lucifer1904

    Lucifer1904 Has Re-Entered The Building

    Hello Everyone, Some of you may know me, some may not. I have been gone from the forums for about a year or more now. I have decided to return to the forums. Feel free to reply with anything you think I should know that I may have missed. (Welcome backs are appreciated...especially from those...
  4. Lucifer1904

    Lucifer1904 has left the building...

    Dear Kings and Queens, As many of you may already know I was previously a Forum Moderator for forge of empires U.S. Until the revokment of my position and rights. (No need for details). On this 25th day of January year 2018. Lucifer1904 has officially left the forum. I will say nothing...
  5. Lucifer1904

    Foods of the World Contest

    Dear Kings and Queens, We are proud to present you with our Foods of the World Contest. To enter this contest is simple. Follow the guidelines listed and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win. To Enter: Option 1: Submit a picture of your favorite food along with what culture...
  6. Lucifer1904

    Looking to buy Arc Goods

    Is there anyone who can sell me arc goods for a good rate. My current offer is 1:3 if you can beat that let me know. If you will accept CA:FE that would be amazing.
  7. Lucifer1904

    New Forum Members Sweepstakes

    Dear Kings and Queens, We are now offering a contest for new forum members. To enter it is easy just follow these guidelines. Must have joined no earlier than October 10, 2017 Take a screenshot of your city including your town hall. (A free screenshot tool can be found here PC and MAC |...
  8. Lucifer1904

    [FAQ] Staff, Who to talk to.

    Dear Kings and Queens, We will be giving a list of all forum staff in order of who to talk to about different problems on the forums. Highest: Community Manager(Able to answer tickets): Panacea Co-Community Managers(Able to answer tickets): Sgt. Bothari Wedge Seriak Lead Forum...
  9. Lucifer1904

    Quotes to think about or not

    ***QUOTES TO THINK ABOUT OR NOT*** Rules: 1. Keep it appropriate. 2. Follow all forum rules. 3. Use the provided format 4. Do not post the same quote if it has already been listed (The second, third, fourth...etc will be removed.) 5. Be sure to reply what the quote makes you think about...
  10. Lucifer1904

    Meme Wars

    Meme Wars... Explains itself.
  11. Lucifer1904

    Welcome to the Forum

    ***On The Behalf of Innogames Welcome to The Forum*** Innogames welcomes you to the U.S Forge of Empires Forum. Please keep all posts appropriate. All questions are welcome Be sure to check out some important links such as: Announcements, Proposal Guidelines, Do NOT Suggest List, Help I'm...
  12. Lucifer1904

    Luci's Wisdom

    Forge of empires is the greatest game ever created.
  13. Lucifer1904

    [Guide] Common Game Abbreviations and Phrases

    Disclaimer: These abbreviations and phrases in this guide were provided by the players who use them. AGES BA - Bronze Age IA - Iron Age EMA - Early Middle Ages HMA - High Middle Ages LMA - Late Middle Ages CA - Colonial Age INDY - Industrial Age PE - Progressive Era ME - Modern Era PME -...
  14. Lucifer1904

    Petition Against Inno's Recent Decision

    @innogames has recently removed the Treasure Hunt minigame from Beta possibly soon to happen to the live servers also. Do you enjoy the treasure hunt? Do you enjoy the prizes? Do you hate the treasure hunt? Either way sign this petition to show them we are outraged. Who knows they may remove...
  15. Lucifer1904

    Luci Complaints

    File your Luci Complaints here. A Luci Representative will respond in 5-10 Business days. If you do not receive a response within this time period then suck it up buttercup. Luci's Lawyer - @jaelis Luci Meme Specialist - @harbinger956 Luci's Luci - @Lucifer1904 Luci's Boss - @No-one
  16. Lucifer1904

    [Question] http://us12.foedb.com/Server/Info

    Was the site taken down permanently or is it temporarily down?
  17. Lucifer1904


    1. The ship of Theseus Paradox -You have a ship when an old piece begins to rot you replace it with a new piece and place the old one in a shed. Eventually you have a ship made of all new pieces of wood. You build the same ship with the old pieces of wood. Which one is the original? 2. The...
  18. Lucifer1904


    DROP A BEAT I'm gonna show you the fastest flow Take all your money and all your dough Drop heavy lines so look out below I'll wake you up when I go go go No one can touch me I know for sure If swag was a crime I would be on death row Time for the rap baby me go go My name is Luci I'll 1 you...
  19. Lucifer1904

    Auto Perma-Ban

    Proposal Auto Perma-Ban people who whine about being plundered Current System (if applicable) None that is why people still whine Details Perma-Ban everyone who whines that they are being plundered. it is part of the game suck it up buttercup Abuse Prevention Well if the moderators and...
  20. Lucifer1904

    Rent - A - Friend

    I am offering Rent-A-Friend services on mount K.