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  1. emmagirl2

    [Question] Lexical ambiguity

    Can one get banned for lexical ambiguity even if they didn't see the bad side
  2. emmagirl2

    What's your job

    Answer the poll and if I forgotten your job tell me In the reply section
  3. emmagirl2

    You can play FoE vertically on a chromebook

    I was messing around with settings on my chromebook and i went on FoE lol And it was sideways
  4. emmagirl2

    How to make a successful guild (in progress)

    How to make an successful guild! This is a short guide on how to run a successful guild I have tested out different methods creating the guild First You look for a suitable leader who you trust before you make the guild Next you talk with the person you want to help you run the guild and talk...
  5. emmagirl2

    who plays here

    the above
  6. emmagirl2


    do you still get prestige if a sector is getting sieged
  7. emmagirl2

    [Question] How do you make a successful GvG top guild

    Hi all i lead a level 6 guild out of all the level 6 guilds we have the highest prestige from GvG and we are brand new to our world we do GvG GE and GBG and we struggle to keep the treasury from drying out
  8. emmagirl2

    [Question] How do you delete a forum account

    the above plz
  9. emmagirl2

    Where are ya from

    Hi all where does everyone live (countries only)
  10. emmagirl2

    HI what world should i play on

    What world
  11. emmagirl2

    [Short Story] Hello?

    When I was walking down on a trail in the stone age a man said "hello" I said hello back and ran to my hut I smiled and said what a nice day. I ate some berries for tea. I was walking on a paved road in the iron age A fine lady said "o'great leader hello I am Katherine and where are my...