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  1. SirCharlesFredrick31

    FP dumps and cheap Arc rewards

    Hello friends of Walstrand! I'm an old player who recently became active again, and need to rebuild my friends list as many of my old friends are no longer active. If you come to visit and are looking for a Zeus or a Temple of Relics to contribute to, feel free to dump points on mine! If you...
  2. SirCharlesFredrick31

    Alternate world

    Hello, people of Walstrand! This is my alternate world (my primary is World G) and I'm here to take it slow and mine for diamonds. I am still young in this world and accepting all friend invites! I also run an open & laidback guild called Spirit Molecule that is really just a place to trade...
  3. SirCharlesFredrick31

    Antique Dealer Locks

    I've been noticing an increasing number of buildings that are locked from being sold to the Antique Dealer. How long until those go away? I can't get rid of several items I don't need (statue of honor and victory road items, ferris wheel & upgrades, foreign settlement building upgrades which I...
  4. SirCharlesFredrick31

    Foreign settlement buildings

    Recently while playing on a touchy touch screen device, I accidentally deleted my Japanese Temple. I have NEVER seen that building in the Antique Dealer. And to make matters worse, I can't sell those upgrades at the Antiques Dealer (which would make matters slightly less painful if I could). Is...