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  1. spnnr

    Allegiance : Honor, Speed and Loyalty

    Salutations Warriors, Allegiance led by kssfrmangl and DonG44 have decided that it is time to renovate a bit and make the guild more fit for purpose with the recent changes in the game (GBG in particular). We aim to keep the same cozy, warm-hearted feeling that is found among close small guilds...
  2. spnnr

    Thank you Snowbelle for your service

    Good Day All It is rather worrying that at first glance threads like the contest ones aren't being updated and while looking for a reason there I saw that Snowbelle resigned from her substantive post. I must have missed the announcement as I am not a frequent visitor. So just wanted to say...
  3. spnnr

    [Question] Drop threads vs Guild swaps vs Personal swaps

    Good day all , In my last guild we were working on establishment of a 1.85 drop thread to assist the development of the guilds gbs. We currently have guild swaps, private swaps and I have been told that the 1.85 threads will build upon these or replace them (!). I am unsure as I am quite in the...
  4. spnnr

    [Question] GvG tools

    Hi all , I am currently looking for handy tools/spreadsheets that are related to the GvG aspect of the game. I am aware of tools such as the forge db Forge points calculator, building comparisons etc. used in the general gameplay and as such was hoping that there were tools available to...
  5. spnnr

    [Question] Where have all the Mods gone?

    I am beginning to worry about the dramatic loss of players and mods on the forum. Are they being pulled away by the competition or been repackaged as Soylent Green? It is kind of crazy that the shelf life of a mod now seems to be measured in weeks rather than months -but I guess its a tough...
  6. spnnr

    [Question] Any updates on the FoE migration from Flash?

    We are coming to the end of the first quarter in 2018 and I was hoping that there would be an update on the aforementioned subject as other online games have started the migration away from the Flash platform. Can anyone on beta (assuming they would test it there first) shed some light on this...
  7. spnnr

    [Question] Forgepoints Efficient Use

    I understand that the use of ingame resources (coins, fps, supplies, goods etc) is determined largely by the players playing style . However, I was pondering how to improve the efficiency in fps use meaning more bang for buck. I see a lot of players (quite rightly) use the metric of fps...
  8. spnnr

    [Question] No House city?

    I was intrigued reading the diamond farmers / Heavy questing guides and the extent to which players make their city lean and mean with a particular focus. Thus I am contemplating the question do I really need houses? Is it plausible or even advisable to consider removing all houses from your...
  9. spnnr

    Black Rose -Cometh the hour, cometh the ..

    Remember when you now started playing, lost and tech sprinting your way to glory? Until someone had the temerity to tap you on the shoulder and dry your wet ears? To this end I joined a little guild (level 6) with a membership of 5 and I am looking for a bit of help to get the guild up on its...
  10. spnnr

    Looking for a player -not recruiting

    Sorry about the intrusion in your world, but I have need of your help. There is a player in Greifental who goes by the name Bluevelvet128. I dont know her personally, but I am told she inhabits your GW. She has friends here who dont use the forum so I took it upon myself to ask on their behalf...
  11. spnnr

    Global Environmental protection-fact /fiction or foolish?

    The scenario: Globally, governments are seeking to preserve sites deemed of high environmental value even those which extend beyond their sovereign boundaries. To accomplish this resources that can be spent on direct improvement of their population lives has been diverted to these causes. This...
  12. spnnr

    Phoenix Rising Call to Arms!

    If you are in Greif anytime , active and sociable feel free to drop in.
  13. spnnr

    Transitioning between Bronze and Iron Age

    Apologies for asking a question that maybe redundant- I did a search but the forums pretty unwieldy for a noob like me , and not sure necroposting is encouraged, so heres my question: I have recently made it into Iron age and have begun to unlock buildings etc. However, the degree of supplies...
  14. spnnr

    Greifental Times