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Search results

  1. Innovation Tower blueprints

    Yeah I’ve been looking for a while and only have 2 prints finally decided to ask here
  2. Innovation Tower blueprints

    Is anyone willing to help me acquire innovation tower blueprints I’ve recently hit colonial age and am short on population but would rather not spam residential buildings all over the place
  3. Guild hierarchy

    I’m a member of the traders of XYR guild and it appears the leaders have gone offline and we finally reached the necessary materials to unlock level 2 of GE and no one can unlock it for us. I was wondering if their is a way either we could or a FOE member could?
  4. Guild recruitment

    Oh I’m sorry I’m really new to this
  5. Guild recruitment

    What server?
  6. Lighthouse of Alexandria blue print search

    Hey I’ve been missing 1 particular blue print for 2 months now and cannot seem to get it I was wondering if people would add me OJIBWEHAWK so I can assist your lighthouse leveling up and attempt to gain more blueprints