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  1. Farfle the smelly

    Message deleted vs Trade no longer exists

    Both my cities trade threads now show the trade message ‘deleted’ instead of ‘no longer exists’. Was there an announcement I missed about this? It’s confusing the heck out of both my guilds. Thanks!
  2. Farfle the smelly

    Quarantine + summer might be the worst thing ever.

    For the next week it’s going to be 110. And I don’t even live in Vegas. That means the little semblance of peace I receive from taking a walk during quarantine is no more. It’s utterly disgusting outside. I watered my plants and immediately came inside to shower. Humidity is at about 80%...
  3. Farfle the smelly

    Are we talking about this?

    The discussion of a certain tool hasn’t popped up except in my guild threads. Have been hearing of widespread banning for the usage of said tool. Is this confirmed? I play mobile so it doesn’t affect me but it would be good to know for certain so we can make sure our PC guildies aren’t using it...
  4. Farfle the smelly

    Anybody else lose access on the app?

    I got booted from the app, checked internet (fine), checked version (fine), then was able to log back in but couldn’t interact with anything (‘battleground unavailable’). Server hiccup?
  5. Farfle the smelly

    Anybody else see this on mobile?

    With the harbor changes, I’ve noticed some stripped pixels in the lower right section of both cities (W and S). Just wanted to see if it was just me before I report it as a bug.
  6. Farfle the smelly

    Song of the Day

    I wake up with a song in my head each morning and it’s stuck there alllll day long. It’s really annoying. But some of them are entertaining (or nostalgic). For instance today I’ve had the theme music from Home Alone, where he’s just hanging out at home by himself while his family is in Europe...
  7. Farfle the smelly

    Nah, brah...

    It’s almost 4am and I’m up with a sick pup (it’s her own fault, honestly), and I had a strange thought. When did ‘nah, brah’ change? As a California kid growing up in the 80’s/90’s it used to be a term of affection when when telling someone no: ‘Can you hand me that?’ ‘Nah, brah, we are out.’...
  8. Farfle the smelly

    Tavern button depression?

    Not a bug, but a question that I think is probably unpopular but I’m curious: Why isn’t the seat button similarly depressed in the Town Hall when you can’t sit down? It’s such a small thing, I know. But I’ve done some light reading (this is closest to the idea...
  9. Farfle the smelly

    [SOCCER] What league bracket am I?

    Hi all, I looked at the announcement (and other sources) but I can’t figure out where I ended up for the tourney bracket. Is there somewhere in-game that shows where we end up? The leaderboard just tells me the top three (which are way higher than me), and me, but I don’t really have context...
  10. Farfle the smelly

    This...is awkward...

    So. Ahem. I kind of, accidentally, may have started a guild exodus on one of my worlds. I didn’t mean to, but it happened regardless (I was unaware folks were unhappy, being a new player and all). And now that so many folks are leaving to a different guild, I feel a sense of responsibility...
  11. Farfle the smelly

    Looking for an active guild on S

    Myself and two others are shopping for a guild that we can sink our teeth into. We are young but active and highly motivated. Would like a guild that wants to mentor their younger players in exchange for devotion to their GBs, taverns and killing ourselves in the name of GE and GBG gloryhood...
  12. Farfle the smelly

    My name is Farfle and I am a terrible fighter (hello Farfle!)

    I need a crash course on how to get better at matching units. Does anybody have a good source for this? I watch videos but they’re usually going way too fast for me to make sense of it. I think my biggest issue is figuring out how fast and heavy math compare to the other units. I’m in Iron if...
  13. Farfle the smelly

    Am I imagining this?

    ...or do I only receive BPs while mopo-ing via the bar? I like to use my town hall also because it allows me to aid old neighbors and guildies, but so far I haven’t seen one BP from it, only when I aid via the friend/neighbor/guild bar. Maybe this info is readily available somewhere, but I...
  14. Farfle the smelly

    Calling all green thumbs (is this hopeless?)

    I live in northern Cali, so it’s perfect to grow food, right? The problem is that we had a massive heat wave a few weeks ago and I ended up significantly stagnating a germination cycle of crops that I’ve never grown before (broccoli, eggplants, carrots). In fact, the carrots refuse to even leave...
  15. Farfle the smelly

    Newbie problem: build or wait?

    Hi all, I’ve been sitting on a super upgraded Tholos for days now because my city isn’t even remotely secure. I have 6% city defense from some smaller winnings, and my Zeus is still 2 BPs shy (as well as a lack of goods, but that’s easily tradable). I’m getting itchy to put it out there...
  16. Farfle the smelly

    What are you reading?

    The other book related thread was deleted, but I was getting into it for my to-be-read list. I’m currently in a mega slump and rereading old favorites. So...what’s in your stack?
  17. Farfle the smelly

    Another dump question: Wishing Wells

    Hi all, I won my first wishing well in the soccer training game in my F2P city. Huzzah. My question relates to getting plundered. So far in my game, this would be my first enticing item in my city besides standard Iron/Bronze good productions. So, are diamonds theftable? If so, should I...
  18. Farfle the smelly

    Did I just give my stuff away to the ether?

    Hi all, I’m confused with how the market works. I thought I was doing a fair trade exchange but now I have no goods. Oops? Is there somewhere that shows confirmation of trades? Or attempts at trading? Thanks!