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  1. Special Offers

    I have a question about packages offered. When I recently started the game I had 4 packages available besides diamonds. They were for a research pack, army pack, special buildings, and a quick start pack. When I moved in IA, my husband bought me the special buildings pack. But the other three...
  2. Only Moderators can open and start Threads, with the exception of Tavern and Server.

    I want to make sure I am understanding the suggestion completely. Is your suggestion that no one can ask questions, and only mods can start a discussion? I hope not. I think it would defeat the purpose of having a forum if people cant ask questions or start a thread. Sometimes even using the...
  3. HALLOWEEN 2017

    Does the quest that asks you to spend FP only count to research or is that for donations to GB's too?
  4. HALLOWEEN 2017

    Thank you very much!
  5. HALLOWEEN 2017

    Where are the quests listed at?
  6. Amelia Earhart

    Is it one that has to be earned, since I dont see it? Maybe I am just not seeing it. If not, I hope they do reintroduce it. I went as her to a holloween party once. It was tons of fun to dress as her in costume.
  7. Amelia Earhart

    I'm so happy yall think she would be a great historical person to feature as well.Her hometown is not far from where I live. The female pilots organization, The Ninety-Nines which Earhart was the the first President, maintain her birthplace in Atchison, Kansas as a museum of Earhart. They have...
  8. Amelia Earhart

    Has Amelia Earhart ever been featured for a quest line during an event? She was fascinating. If she hasn't been, I hope someday they will. I would love to have her as an avatar.
  9. Is Statue of Zeus worth bothering with?

    i just got mine. I took Muggle's advice and had joined a helpful, large guild. They really pitch in on the GB's etc. So it wasn't hard to get and level. Mine of course is still new, but they keep donating. I think they had it to level 1 in a couple of hours. Make sure you help others too...
  10. Your First Great Building - A Guide Questline For New Players Feedback

    I guess I am late Iron age. I don't have access to it. If it was going to be available to iron age players, then all of us in iron age should have access to it. I'm new to the game and would have liked to be able to get it.
  11. battle guide

    Yeah, beginners means I just figured out I could move my ranged troops back to keep them away form the big beasties, lol Thank you for the information yall. Now that I know I can move my ranged ones around more, now to try to remember that in battle. I am in IA now and will stay there a while...
  12. battle guide

    I need to find a good battle strategy guide for beginners. The key word is beginners. Has anyone written "The idiot's guide to FOE fighting"? :D
  13. Friend's Tavern

    Thank you for answering my question. Have a great day :)
  14. Friend's Tavern

    When I visit a friends tavern, do I have to stay a certain amount of time before I can click on another friend's tavern?
  15. new player guild farming?

    Thank you for the link to that guide. I'm going to take your advice and look for a guild. It will be nice having people to play with. I'm agoraphobic and it will be great chatting with someone other than my husband, even though he is a sweety, lol To purps, I will be very supportive to the...
  16. The invisible trail

    Thank you both for the answers. They are back after I followed yalls suggestions.
  17. The invisible trail

    I must have hit some button. My paths are still there but I cant see them. How can I make them show up again? Thank you
  18. new player guild farming?

    Once you get your BPs, settle down in a nice, big guild. Im still in bronze age. When I move up to iron age, I'll look for a nice guild. Is it hard to find a big guild with no drama? I live a peaceful life. I want to play peacefully too.
  19. new player guild farming?

    Hi, I was wondering if guilds that have open join mind if people jump in and out to aid people for possible blue prints. I don't want to be a player that becomes a source of gossip, so am curious as to guild leaders thoughts on this. I don't post or bother anyone. I just aid all and leave. I...