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  1. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Hi! the InA part shows the quest flowchart twice instead of showing the map first since your edit. The updated flowchart is much clearer that way though thx!
  2. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    I made a list of all goods needed to negotiate all the sectors of the AF map with the combination strategy, as I'm going to request those trades to some high level guildees. Might as well share it here : Contemporary Era Bionics Data 465 Elecrtomagnets 400 Gas 260...
  3. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Hi again! During the FE story, after taking the first province of FE, while still being in INA, is it safe to complete/abort recurring quests? At the moment I have one story quest from FE, the "truth or dare" quest that I won't touch, and a recurring quest from INA that I haven't touched yet. Is...
  4. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    If you have no residential techs left, this means you unlocked too many techs too fast I'm afraid. There are 3 residential techs in INA, so with a bit of planning you shouldn't get tech blocked there. You'll be stuck here until you age up to Progressive :(
  5. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Hello! I'm in Industrial age and almost reaching the FE map. I chose not to have TE troops. I'm afraid of doing something stupid and mess up everything, so could someone clarify one small point for me please? When should I abort or complete an RQ to start the FE quests? After taking the first...