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  1. FLYonWALL


  2. FLYonWALL

    [Question] Do we get FOY from GE any more

    I need to check it again I thought I mapped the rewords out right I see 2 FOY shrink kits on stage 4 Can you see if I made a mistake Or what stage u can get it !
  3. FLYonWALL

    I can no longer hide messages

    been that way 4 some time I opened the bata game on the same browser And it works I can hide messages So why can't I get it to work on the open servers? I tried everything to fix it on my side Can someone see if it works for them on their Site, not the app
  4. FLYonWALL

    Is it ok to play on my main account Email

    And on the BATA SERVER on the same email ? Is that allowed
  5. FLYonWALL

    What ARC Level ..starts getting good returns

    The same amount as the DEFAULT REWARDS 55 + 55 bonus
  6. FLYonWALL

    Why don't the Founder have full Control over the guild message board

    Able to remove any message on the guild Board? To remove what someone said or to clear the whole board like dos command prompt CLS
  7. FLYonWALL

    I'M I the only one having A glishy Continent map

    Some times moving map And it goes black and must reload page
  8. FLYonWALL

    Why Are Reindeer & Confectionary not connected with other Supply buildings

    It should all be connected! So why did they keep it Apart If it produces supplies it should be all together Is there any other Buildings I'm not aware of that is not chained together
  9. FLYonWALL

    I don't get Why so many neighbors just make 1-2 goods at a time?

    more than 1/2 do it And I try to explain it to them You would think they would read the popup box if they picked the wrong goods building to build!! They just can't think and use there brain, I don't think they were born with one lol took me 1-2 days to get it when I just started playing it
  10. FLYonWALL

    I don't under stand its the 4 time attacking some one

    And there are in the same age and yet They have some later age units how is that possible I think there is a bug when I visit a neighbor and attack a different neighbor there are the same age as I am
  11. FLYonWALL

    How do i do Guild battle Ground Negotiation with out

    How do i do Guild battle Ground Negotiation with out using Any Diamonds and Restarting it Almost every time i must use Diamonds to get past it That's no way in helping my guild out
  12. FLYonWALL

    Battle field is not Wide enough

    no troop should be able to move to the other side and attack in a single Turn JUST like Industrial age Mounted Archer range units or Catapults And another is you cant withdraw some times with out you taking Damage unless they can make attacking the other side impossible the first cycle shorten...
  13. FLYonWALL

    would be real great to collect all stuff and save us

    Be great to save us the 5 Diamond for collecting all the stuff
  14. FLYonWALL

    ? What use is House of horrors Level 1 in the DEALER

    Why is House of horrors Level 1 in the DEALER ? It is worthless with out the upgrade kits
  15. FLYonWALL

    I see players in GB that said Deleted

    Dose it to that if you are inactive? and if so Do there FP get Deleted as well on that GB they posted it on
  16. FLYonWALL

    Who is this guy from in my massage center Guild ??

    Don't get it How do i Know if im talking to a guild mate OR SOMEONE ELSE
  17. FLYonWALL

    Why don't we have a MASTER founder ?

    So the guild owner Dose not get over minded by other founders and get kicked out of there own guild
  18. FLYonWALL

    that event did i get my governess villa

    And will there be Another one i can get
  19. FLYonWALL

    Can't add Guild members activity on APPs

    I like how it is on the Web Browser, you can see it on the members Tab only founders see it No member Tab or active status on IPhone/tablets
  20. FLYonWALL

    Why is there no Fair trade button for goods trading in browser

    They have it in the Apps. At times my brain stops working lol