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  1. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    I'm also on a mission to see if there is a way past the LMA blocker, not that I think I'll be successful. I'm staying in Iron Age and stopped the story quests before they left EMA. One thought I had was to get a second quest line going by leaving the EMA Bonus Quest line incomplete...
  2. What is the relationship between crowns and guild prestige (if any)?

    In my opinion, for most players I suggest to understand guild prestige and crowns is to think of it this way: Guild Prestige = GvG score + GE score + GBG score + Guild Level (crowns) If you want a deeper understanding, prepare to invest some minutes and possibly headaches
  3. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Yes, you have it correct. I didn't move up to PME until I was on the FE map and had scouted Agadar. And yes, when I realised I had Dictators Death as my story quest, I left it uncompleted and raced through the TE map to get to the FE map and scout Agadar. Once I had done that, I completed the...
  4. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Also UBERHelp1, I believe you only get the last 4 FE units if you begin the last province (Fort Buntu) by fighting. My understanding is negotiating gives you an alternative quest that does not give you the troops.
  5. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    I have completed the Hover Tank gathering from PME in a second city but something weird happened along the way ... TL;DR - don't touch side quests Raino had mentioned this in his video but I had forgot. Details: still in ME, had stopped at the "Your Choice Truth or Dare" PME story quest which...
  6. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    To the OP, I would suggest the actual issue is how Inno splits the guilds on 1000 LP. This (to my knowledge) is not known how they do this. A simple solution could be to remove the cap of 1000 LP (for GBG ranking purposes only, so it doesn't affect guild prestige) and you would get better matchups
  7. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Given GBG has only been in existence for a year I fail to see the relevance
  8. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Just to add to the knowledge, I'm on my way to the hover tanks in one of my cities and can advise the following: 1. For completeness, yes as others have done I avoided scouting the two CE and three TE provinces (I do wonder if avoiding the three TE provinces matters but am not keen to conduct...
  9. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.13

    Mindlessforge, did you negotiate all of the TE map as well? I'm wondering if fighting or negotiating makes a difference on the CE and TE maps. Plus, goods are too damn expensive in Birka :P