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  1. Feedback for the Guild Battlegrounds Update 2023

    It is too early to tell how I will like the new GBG. Some Diamond League players really love GBG and play 300 to 1000 encounters a season. Some hate it and don't play much. A lot are like me--I like it and I play it--but only 50-200 encounters a season. More than that bores me. I think this...
  2. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    W Wow! My abbey was nearing the chopping block but it is still there and I am really looking forward to the upgrade. But my baby city never got an athlon and I hav only 4 kits for it right now. I hope it comes up again and that I have enuf footballs to win a few of them.
  3. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    It's always been that way to some extent. It HAS to be that way enuf to attract the "whales," or Inno goes broke and we lose our game. But it is almost always possible to get one of the major item without cash or diamonds if you put in the time and play well. That provides satisfying play for...
  4. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    SOLD OUT The phrase means principles were betrayed. It comes from businesses, which are founded by starry-eyed dreamers who want to build better mousetraps of some kind. When these become successful, and make a lot of money, investors become interested and make offers. Sometimes, the new owners...
  5. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    I meant the event quests.
  6. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    Sounds like you will do better if you work harder on the daily quests so that you can do 4 boards per day, 12 spawns per board. Once you have done the 80 reset, you do not have to finish that board until the next day.
  7. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    It is not "stupid" to value one's entertainment. Many people pay $100 for football tickets. Others pay big money for other things I am personally not interested in.
  8. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    I I am doing 4 boards, 12 spawns per board, with extras after that if it looks strong for needed badges. With no diamonds used yet, I am having no trouble yet getting plenty of footballs. It looks like I will get all the major items on page 4 of the prizes before the end of the event and then...
  9. Expand 10 FP COIN BAR LIMIT

    So VERY overdue with 300 to 600 fp collected at a time.
  10. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    This answer will depend on how much time and money you are willing to spend on the game. 4 x 16 = 64 total. 5x 10 = 50. So the larger spawns goes with more investment. Consider 12 spawns times 5 boards, as well.
  11. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    I often wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep. So the game started. Tutorial very easy as it showed you exactly where to click and you moved on. After that, I could not merge a single thing. Nothing I clicked on responded. Gotta go back to bed and find a Mooing Cat or something...
  12. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    Me too. Very much. I especially remember wearing Rosa Parks face for a little while to honor her.
  13. Soccer Event 2023 Feedback

    I feel somewhat the same. I LOVE quests, so I love events, but they are too long, and too close together.
  14. Early Era Speedup Feedback

    I seem to be in the control group, and I am glad about that. I enjoy taking my time with age advancements.
  15. Early Era Speedup Feedback

    Me, too. Why are some players plundered to death, while others suffer very little? And I do not use a Galata Tower; that isn't it.
  16. Interface Improvements Feedback

    Inno has added a few things that make playing more of a chore. The worst is the pop-ups on so many buildings that severely slow down collecting all your fp and stuff, and make it painfully jerk-y. Please get rid of the third column in the Friends Tavern. You used to go directly to the Tavern...
  17. Fellowship Event 2023 Feedback

    I got SOK "prizes." I remember when those were the BEST prizes in the game. Years ago. Now I throw them away, even the upgraded ones. Maybe there could be a shrink kit to turn them into 1 x 1s. And this junk they made more FRAGMENTS. Forge of fragments is a lot less fun.
  18. Fellowship Event 2023 Feedback

    lol, so THAT's why it's so slow!
  19. How do you turn off the Congrats popups?

    I never thouht of that. Sometimes I fall asleep waiting for things in Inno, and when I am collecting 400 fp, sometimes I forget tofinish a place I have promised, which can hurt paying players.
  20. Fellowship Event 2023 Feedback

    You Tube--Mooing Cat--Fellowship Event