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antiques dealer

  1. AngryOGITH

    Unformatted About the Antiques Dealer.

    i Wish That There was WAY More then 6 items Being Shown in the Antiques Dealer' Because i Been Looking for a Champions Retreat for Over 2 Months NOW' and STILL no Luck :confused: Would it Help if There was a Wide Selection in the Antiques Dealer' & NOT Just 6 items Only' 12 or 24 items in the...
  2. Dynastic Queen

    Just curious... the mindset behind Big Fish stopping Little Fish?

    Honestly, I'm wondering. I know FoE is just a game, and this is a part of the game. What is going on in players' minds when you have a massive higher age city with 5 or 6 of a certain building set (COMPLETE with all the parts for every set), and you can't bear to let a little player who's...
  3. [Question] What are the most common items sold in the Antiques Dealer?

    If there are any in particular?
  4. Draft---Guide to the Antiques Dealer---Draft

    Introduction to the Antiques Dealer This is a draft and work in process. Critiques welcome . The Antiques Dealer, often abbreviated to A.D. or just AD, is a building that sits on the outskirts of your city where you can sell unwanted items and buy new ones. This feature was released in the...
  5. Trade blueprints in at the antiques dealer

    Proposal Allow blueprint sets to be an item that is able to be traded at the antiques dealer. Current System (if applicable) No current system. Some people have hundreds of blueprints for buildings that they aren't leveling anymore or don't want to build at all. Surely these blueprint sets...
  6. Inventory

    You know your inventory glows gold when it has a new item in it, well I went into the antiques dealer and sold it the inventory still glows gold until you click on it . I think it should stop glowing when you sell the item to the AD if you haven't looked at it already ( the current system...