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  1. Captain Christian

    Not A Bug "The Arc" is not producing Guild Treasury goods.

    World: Angkor (US26) Browser and Version: Firefox v.77.0.1 Game Version: 1.181.afe39db02d0 (24.06.2020 10:52) Description of the bug: Collecting from "The Arc" does not contribute to my Guild Treasury donated total. Screenshots: How often this occurs: It happened once, so I started the...
  2. Captain Christian

    Ranking Points Chart

    Hey there! So, I decided to start a chart to which buildings provide how many ranking points. Here it is, and feel free to contribute. (Also, battle points are not included in the chart.)
  3. Captain Christian

    [I.R.L.] I'm buying my first car!

    Option A: Bentley New Continental GT Convertible First Edition Option B: Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition
  4. Captain Christian

    Fixed People walking where there are no longer streets.

    World: #US26 Browser and Version: Mozilla Firefox version 76.0.1 Description of the bug: When I opened reconstruction mode, people were still walking where my streets had previously been. Screenshots: How often this occurs: This bug occurred at approximately 8:20 A.M., E.S.T., and has never...
  5. Captain Christian

    [Poetry] Ode to S.L.

    Haiku: There once was a mod, His name was Stephen Longshanks, We'll miss him greatly. Limerick: There once was a great mod, Who almost never was flawed, But he left the team, I'm fixing to scream, Because I will miss this mod. Traditional: I'm glad I got to know you, Before you had to go, I...
  6. Captain Christian

    [Question] What can you possibly spend 1 diamond on?

    I have a bit of an O.C.D. (Hence the reason my grammar is nearly impeccable, and I always use periods when writing abbreviations, such as D.N.S.L. versus DNSL), and I really need to get rid of nine diamonds. I somehow spent one a long time back, and I am currently at 1,209 diamonds. Does anyone...
  7. Captain Christian

    [Question] [Answered] How many goods does it take to open each level of G.E. per "guildie"?

    Does anyone know? I am trying to be positive I am at least paying my worth every week.
  8. Captain Christian

    [I.R.L.] Strange overhead lights

    Did anyone else on the East Coast spot a strange formation of about 30 Lights in the sky last night? We had friends anywhere from Tennesee to South Carolina who saw these.
  9. Captain Christian

    [Short Story] Journals of a Knight!

    So! I hope to be posting here about every day! Make sure to watch for updates! I will keep the current day's journal entry on the top, and all the rest in the archives! I may even hide a sneak peek in there occasionally!
  10. Captain Christian

    [Question] How are G.E. Contribution Points Calculated?

    This is what always happens, even when I have more than others in my guild, it always happens: How do others have so many more points, when I have completed more levels? I am #2, when I have fully completed GE48 and My guildie hasn't. And that same guildie has over ten times as many points as...
  11. Captain Christian

    FoE through the ages

    In light of this birthday contest we are supposed to be having, I thought I'd check and see if there is anybody around who was playing when it first came out. In what ways was it different?
  12. Captain Christian

    [Graphics] A.S.C.I.I.

    Please no auto-generated pictures. Everything must be your own work.
  13. Captain Christian

    ⚔The Knight, The King, and The Scribe⚔ [FoE Role-Play Game]

    Rules: You must post a few sentenses about your mythical FoE self, end it with "...", and see what the next person puts. Please use red words to distuingish added works.
  14. Captain Christian

    [I.R.L.] Backyard Flora and Fauna

    Sheherazade and CherryButterfly, I thought y'all might want to participate in this discussion. I was just curious what kinds of wildlife everybody had around them.
  15. Captain Christian

    [Question] How far ahead are you in campaign maps?

    I was just wandering how many ages ahead or behind you were in campaign maps. I was at one point three ages behind, but I am now one age ahead, and was wandering how far it is possible to advance. Thank goodness we have negotiations, or else I wouldn't be able to advance very much at all.
  16. Captain Christian

    Bulletin Board Coding

    Obviously, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen >help>B.B. Coding. But I have found there is some Bulletin Board coding that is not listed on that list. Does anyone have any ones not listed? I am looking for "changelogs" especially.
  17. Captain Christian

    Bug: Invisible Productions

    I logged on to my city today, and any building symbols were invisible. E.G.: Production ready symbols, Not connected to road symbol, exclamation mark over Cultural Settlement. I logged off and back on (I am on Firefox on a Mac by the way) and the issue was resolved. I just wanted to give y'all a...
  18. Captain Christian

    FoE conspiracy theories?

    I'm not into all those government conspiracy theories, but does anybody have any FoE ones?
  19. Captain Christian

    Do you read people's signatures?

    I am just curious who all has disabled this feature in their account settings, and who all has left this on.
  20. Captain Christian

    Which is your favorite G.S.U.S.A. cookie?

    These iconic cookies have been around for 103 years, undergoing many changes and new flavors. Which is your favorite?