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city planning

  1. DreadfulCadillac

    [Question] Where to EXPAND?

    This is DC's Current city: https://prnt.sc/sgbirr DC has enough diamonds for one expansion(600/expansion). Where should he place it?
  2. Large (2x2) Roads Can Make Turns At "Odd Numbered" Squares

    Proposal Large (2x2) roads will be more flexible in placement to provide players with the option to make turns/intersections at not only at even numbered but also odd numbered squares. Current System Current system is clearly explained in this old forum post...
  3. Show footprint of each building

    Apologies for not fully understanding the format and probably failing to comply.. PROPOSAL: When a player hovers over a building, show the grid size e.g. 3x3, 4x3.. REASON FOR THIS SUGGESTION: Maybe not many players are spacially challenged - but for those like me, referring back always to...
  4. [Guide] Cosmic Raven's Version of Heavy Questing

    EDIT BY MODERATOR: DISCLAIMER: This Guide was never finished to 100%, and the Creator has since stopped playing for undisclosed reasons. The content you will be presented with is very thorough, but take heed parts are missing. Reading through the remaining pages will assist with filling some...
  5. Builders Yard

    What I really, really want is somewhere to pile up paving and greenery (decorations in FoE terms, trees and hedges and suchlike). Store them temporarily while I struggle with the layout of the city.. The way the sizes of key buildings changes from age to age is a challenge for my minimal spacial...
  6. Great Building Dimensions in Description

    My Proposal: When examining a great building, it will show the bonuses, and then show the dimensions, like any other building would. Current System: Instead of having ample time to plan out your city, you must rely on word of mouth or choose to delete buildings in order to make room for it, for...