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  1. spartacus2.0

    Fixed Game crashed??

    I wanted to play foe when my computer said the site couldn't be reached, so I reloaded the page and the same thing happened. Then I tried it on another computer but the same thing happened
  2. Army building bug [related to Egyptian Settlement]

    Since the release of the Egyptian settlement, after executing a fight in the settlement, the army buildings in both regular base and settlement display troop status erroneously, and cause random app crash. After a fight in Egyptian settlement: - Main base army building show available troop...
  3. The "Clear Your Cache" "Change Your Browser" version for mobile

    So earlier today I reported a bug that started after the latest update. I tried to click on a guild mate's avatar in a message thread so I could go to his GB and drop some FPs. Every time I got to his GB list and clicked on the pertinent GB, the app crashed and took me back to my iPad home...
  4. Down again?

    Just dropped off on me...now can't get back in.
  5. lemur

    U.S. Server Down Again

    I don't recall an announcement that the U.S. server would be down today, but I have been unable to log in for the past 5 minutes.
  6. lemur

    Another Server Crash

    The U.S. server is face down in the gutter again: InnoDrunk Nothing loads at all.
  7. lemur

    Server Crash

    The U.S. Forge web site just crashed so hard that I cannot get past the login page, even after deleting all cookies and rebooting my computer.