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  1. Has anyone collected Wildlife currency from incidents?

    During the soccer event I collected plenty of energy drinks and tickets from incidents, but haven't collected any during the Wildlife event. Has anyone else?
  2. Unformatted Design concept for a potential Event Building

    So I always liked the TE (Tomorrow Era) building designs and wished that event buildings took on the look of the later eras in the game as opposed to the earlier ones. So I made this building design which takes on the look of Tomorrow Era, and hope it can be put into the game, or that it will at...
  3. Contact Support Incorrect multipliers in St. Patrick's Day Event

    Browser and Version: Both, system wide bug. Overview of the bug: Building multipliers not working as intended. How often this occurs: This occurred in at least two different worlds (G and X), on both the first and second time going through the first city. Urgency: Potentially urgent...
  4. FLYonWALL

    What do i do with the extra event upgrade buildings

    is there a 2 starter house of horrors in rewords i don't see yet
  5. *deleted*

  6. Trade-in event buildings

    Basically we evently use an event building/s to desired result and then usually need to delete them resulting in a complete loss. That kinda sucks, but what if we could trade them in? In my case I could trade-in a a number of VT's or Watchfires for Shrines. It would be understandable if they...
  7. Event is biased.

    Its even worse then the soccer tourney. With the low percentages and chance hate the only way to get decent amounts of hearts is buying them with Cash Currency. Is unjust, biased against those who play the game to play and sickenly greedy. Make it Fair!
  8. Event prizes

    Can anyone tell me if the victory tower worth buying for the 350 hearts or should I save the hearts to win a shrine?
  9. Did You Know?

    Maybe this will be something everyone already knows but were you aware that when you need to collect goods for one of the quests/tasks in the latest event, if you just do a trade, the goods you trade for count as acquiring the goods the quest/task requires? Sorry if this was obvious but I did...
  10. Speakers Corner

    Proposal Make the Speakers corner available after completing all of the Industrial +Progressive era maps. In those worlds that have speakers corners already. Current System Currently only players who were playing in the fall of 2015 were able to gain speakers corners. This has caused an...
  11. Why should it be impossible to complete an Event if a player does not want to Age up?

    Again. Players cannot get to the end of the upcoming Event without completing "Research 1 technology." This forces a player to move up to the next Age to complete the Event and procure the big prize at the end. Just the other day I couldn't understand why I did not have a "Speakers Corner"...
  12. GB One Up Proposal

    Proposal A Great Building level up item. Some sort of item that you apply to one of your own Great Building and it brings up that Great Building by one level. Current System (if applicable) The current system can certainly stay in place as well as implementing an Item like this. Details It...
  13. Earth Day Event / Quests

    Proposal This is a proposal for an annual Earth Day event (or modification to said event if it exists) and the quests therein. Current System (if applicable) Most quests involve the typical "collect X of Y", "do something to the map", "do something to other players", "spend / buy FP", or...
  14. Best and worst loot from the 2016 Summer event

    Post your best/worst loot and other fun tidbits from the event I shall start! Best: 3 wishing wells on the first day, one of the more rare, and smaller special buildings, x3 for 0 diamonds Worst: A female portrait, as I am a guy, this is of no use to me
  15. (A little early I know) Revamp halloween event.

    Proposal: Revamp the Halloween event to be more than just a do x to get random reward, get mediocre building for all your trouble. Current system: The Halloween quest is just a historical quest but with much more vague instructions and an ok reward at best Details: Halloween as we celebrate it...
  16. lemur

    What Kind of Chance?

    A Staff Member told me today that InnoGames does not claim that the percentages it lists for various game prizes represent the probability of a random outcome. He doubts that InnoGames has "ever actually used that particular word" (random) in reference to its events. The announcement for the...
  17. Memorial Day and other major Holidays

    Tell me, why do we have no memorial day event quest? No 4th of July, no Canada day, not even summer solstice? We need to give attention to people and holidays, with signifigant rewards too! Ie, 4th of july finished questline = Firework Factory, providing happiness whilist being a supply...
  18. [Question] Event Quest - Hilde Finish Each of the Production Options Once

    Do the productions have to be from the same production module? Can I use a goat farm and a jeweler? Thanks