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  1. DreadfulCadillac

    [Question] Where to EXPAND?

    This is DC's Current city: https://prnt.sc/sgbirr DC has enough diamonds for one expansion(600/expansion). Where should he place it?
  2. Forwarded Ability to move a newly placed expansion for (x) amount of time

    Proposal The ability to move a newly placed expansion for (x) amount of time. Current System Not currently possible Details Newly placed expansions can be moved for a relatively short period of time, provided they have not been built upon. The newly placed expansion shall incorporate a...
  3. [Question] Why is it so hard to get Expansions?

    I don't understand why I cannot gain more expansions. I don't always fight in exploring new regions since I am usually outmatched. I have diamonds that could pay for the expansions but I am not able to do that. I am now not able to go until I get to the next researched area for an expansion. Can...
  4. Game improvement

    Since we are only able to buy 2 expansions per age with diamonds, I think an improvement like being able to move expansion grids the same as we do buildings. Working to the next age becomes harder and it is like watching grass grow. Since we buy buildings with diamonds and can move them, it...
  5. [Guide] Cosmic Raven's Version of Heavy Questing

    EDIT BY MODERATOR: DISCLAIMER: This Guide was never finished to 100%, and the Creator has since stopped playing for undisclosed reasons. The content you will be presented with is very thorough, but take heed parts are missing. Reading through the remaining pages will assist with filling some...
  6. [Question] Keep or delete Hagia?

    I'm not very good at search parameters, so forgive me if this is a duplication of an existing thread. I'm in Progressive Era, and hitting against space requirements for expansion. I've already divested myself of the Colosseum and Notre Dame, and now my sights are set on the Hagia. Yes, it's...
  7. not able to use reward expansion

    I got a reward expansion and I have sufficient coins to use it. But I am not able to use it. When I use it there is a "stop" sign under the forge points bar. What does this means? How can I use reward expansion? Please help.