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  1. Unformatted Trick or Treat!!!

    Have you noticed it is always day time in your city? I love the various events that come along. What if the "event" is Halloween and when you click on the upper left hand corner "event tab" YOUR city turns to night time and you can go trick or treating at your own house. Even better... what if...
  2. Lady Rainna

    Already Suggested Color coded dots on friends tab

    Proposal: there are color dots used in the Guild-Members page, indicating activity whether active, away 2 days or more or inactive for 7 days or more. I propose that these same color code dots be used in the friends tab. Currently we must go through all the pages in News-Events, to search by...
  3. Accepting friend requests.

    I'm currently accepting friend requests from players in Jaims. Your city should be at least Iron Age. I avoid friend requests from BA players so I don't get new players who join up and then decide they don't want to play after a few days and quit. Put a tablecloth in your tavern. My tavern...
  4. Friends List

    I've reached my limit on requesting friends, at 80, and yet, I've noticed that a few a my earlier friend requests have either stopped playing, or just aren't worth keeping around. I would love to be rid of the dead weight and have the ability to add friends that truly will help my city grow. Is...
  5. Proposal - Gray out successful Tavern visit in Event History.

    NEW (Updated from my original proposal thread dated December 31, 2016 https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/proposal-gray-out-successful-tavern-visit-in-event-history.15832/ ) Proposal Tavern visits function in Event History is incomplete! Please gray out successful Tavern...
  6. Be A Legend Of The Forge With Us

    Once upon a time, there was a young man who walked into the forest. He stumbled upon an oddly shaped and fairly bright colored mushroom. He investigated the mushroom, and within the spores, he noticed, were diamonds! He began eating the mushroom furiously, curious as to what powers it may...
  7. Ladrengilde

    No FPs to trade with Your Friends

    Proposal: To be able to trade goods with your friends list without it costing a Forge Point. Current System: Trading goods with friends cost forge points. Details: With the current new neighborhood merge there is a greater difficulty of finding goods that are higher than the age you are at...
  8. create an item that allows you to add friends over 80 ppl.

    this would be a nice GE item event item etc.
  9. Brol44

    Change color of Find Friends bar

    PROPOSAL Change color of Find Friends bar. Perhaps make it blue. CURRENT SYSTEM Currently it is the same color as the Aid bar. DETAILS Since it is the same color as the Aid bar, it can easily be clicked if not keeping strict attention. In addition, if you are already at or over your 80...
  10. Proposal - Invites

    I propose either increasing the number of invites players are given, or having unlimited invites altogether. Currently players are allowed 80 invites. Problems with this system: Many of your invites get used up on players who leave the game, who wind up being unethical or "bad" friends, or...
  11. New Building Guild

    There's a new Guild in Town! Kings & Daughters. We are small and would like to become Mighty! Join us!!
  12. Friends Chat (sort of)

    Proposal Along with the other chat tabs; Global, Neighborhood and Guild introduce a new Chat Tab titled "Friends". Current System Currently only able to chat in Global, Neighborhood and Guild Details Long since needed, especially now with the Friends Tavern, is a way to chat with all your...
  13. Forwarded Seat available indicator for tavern

    PROPOSAL Have the seats turn green on the social bar when the 24 timer has run down and there is seating available. CURRENT SYSTEM Currently the you have to keep checking and going through your entire friends list since there is no way of knowing if you have already visited. DETAILS By...
  14. Black Sheba the Terror

    Seeking New Friends

    Looking Future and above. Friendly guild looking for GE players. Msg me for invite!
  15. lemur

    "Remove Friend" Crashes Program

    I cleared the cache and even rebooted the whole damn computer. Same result. < smh >
  16. Friends Wanted

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for friends in Walstrand. I'm stone age free, and motivate/polish daily. Please send me a friend request. Thanks!!
  17. Daily Gifter! Out of Sends and need good friends :)

    Flavius 310 the Just please send me requests. I aid EVERY day. I am also here for trades if needed. Send me a friend request. The official thread seems to be dead. Wow?! I am a poet and didn't know it. lol. Goofy day, What can I say?
  18. 9/24/2016 Friend Request to aid for events

    I have an empty friends list that needs filled outside of my guild, so that I can aid more for the events. Send me a friend request if you have space in Vingrid world. Screen name: Jason kinslayer
  19. Finding friends

    I am out of invites but send me one. Aid daily. Sparrow68
  20. Seeking New Friends

    Just entered Tomorrow age and am seeking additional friends to provide mutual aid. I'm on nearly every day and attempt to aid the same. Looking for those who are willing to do the same. Please note if I don't get aid for a few weeks in a row and you aren't on vacation, I won't keep the...