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gb rewards

  1. Stop listing GBs position 6 or greater in the Town Hall / News

    You used to stop posting results of GB leveling at Position 6 in the GB list of Town Hall News. Recently, you changed to posting Positions beyond 6. Please go back to the old way. In fact, please post ONLY through Position 5. I really don't care to see all that stuff in my GB News if I didn't...
  2. Great Buildings' Passive Bonuses applying to GBs also

    Why can't the passive bonuses apply to other GBs as well? Any building which produces coins getting a bonus from a St Marks. However if you have a Great building which produces coin; it does not get any percentage increase based off your St. Marks. Why not? Supplies as well.
  3. [Guide] Cosmic Raven's Version of Heavy Questing

    EDIT BY MODERATOR: DISCLAIMER: This Guide was never finished to 100%, and the Creator has since stopped playing for undisclosed reasons. The content you will be presented with is very thorough, but take heed parts are missing. Reading through the remaining pages will assist with filling some...
  4. Town Hall Event History by Type

    I am wanting to review my trade history to connect for more. The best history is in the Town Hall, News, Event History which is 80% motivation events requiring numerous page downs to find one or two trades. Would be really helpful if could be sorted or sub menued by type to separate the...
  5. Proposal: Statsbygg Seed Bank (Arctic Future GB)

    Here's an Idea for a GB for the Arctic Future: Statsbygg Seed Bank (Tunnels in Permafrost of Norway to hold seeds against future calamity) Ideas for Effect bonuses: Passive: +1/Lv Max FP Storage (goes past the 10 fp storage) Active: 1x/Lv Double Goods Harvest (Production Buildings only, not...
  6. [Question] GB donation rewards

    I cannot see where I am receiving any rewards for my donations. There is usually a note in the GB interface, but nothing in the inventory or the good/stores/medals bar. What am I missing or doing wrong?