1. spartacus2.0

    New Issue Bug or glitch I don't know which.

    I was in reconstruction mode when i exited reconstruction mode to visit my city. When I returned to reconstruction mode, the building I placed were all out of order!
  2. Sometimes an audio repeating loop glitch on continent battles.

    There is a audio glitch sometimes during continent battles. It happens when the sound effect starts when a unit moves. For some reason the sound effects starts a repeating loop and will not stop. Only happens during continent battles for me. Very annoying ! USING Google Chrome.
  3. Watch your numbers!

    I have repeatedly reported that the Green lit numbers that appear after collection are not right. I have reported this glitch in several, if not all of the 4 worlds I play. Again today I collected the top half of my city and noticed that only the coin number lit up. The supply number was still...