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guild expeditions

  1. Lord Cannon

    - Bad Company - Recruiting Now!

    Greetings! Looking for an active guild that participates in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battle Grounds? Look no further. Bad Company is the guild for you. We have a very helpful leadership, social community, and we are a fair trade guild. An active 1.9 Arc thread and optional forge point swap...
  2. The New Warriors

    We are a Level 3 guild and are accepting anyone who wishes to fight and climb to the top. We are a fair trade guild and trade within the guild first. We want to fight together as a guild and make a name for ourselves. We participate in the Guild Expeditions weekly and currently hold 6 Gold, 2...
  3. [Question] Who wins the Guild Expeditions? (Overall)

    Just something I am wondering, will there be a point where we will see a GE ranking page? We have the PvP towers, we have Guild rank and rank for every player. Could we be expecting to see a ranking page that shows how we are doing in comparison to other guilds in GE? Then after guilds won their...
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