guild vs guild

  1. Starlight on Water

    Champs return to GvG

    Proposal return champion units to the list of random troops placed when releasing a GvG sector Current System (if applicable) Champion units are deleted when any GvG sector is released and a random selection of other units same Age are placed. The replacement units are identified only when the...
  2. Gamers Gone Mobile LF Guild Members!

    Gamers Gone Mobile is a new guild looking to add new players who are on the Vingrid server. We perfer players who are new to the game in general and will learn and grow together under a leader who has prior experience from another server. We are a fair trade guild and will be looking to get into...
  3. are you looking for guild?

    are you looking for guild that will treat you like a true member? are you looking a guild that will let you send out invites from the guild? do you enjoy playing on the pc more than mobile, and want to be a trusted member so you can play in the guild vs guild. then join Black Dagger