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  1. trainman82740


  2. TribalExplorer96

    Devil's Raft Now Recruiting

    Do you play daily and love battle? Devil's Raft is seeking solo players or those in a guild looking for a change. We are a new guild, active in GE and Battlegrounds, building fast and working daily to level increase. Check out our profile or message me for more information.
  3. Defiance is recruiting! Come join us!

    Defiance - founded in October 2015. (Korch) Defiance is currently recruiting active players. We are a team minded guild, here to support one another. Lower era players are welcome! We are a fair trade guild with fair trades being between era up and era below. We do not use the calculator...
  4. Lord Cannon

    - A Resting Place - Accepting Members, Join Here!!

    Hey there! Looking for an active guild that participates in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battle Grounds? Look no further. A Resting Place is the guild for you. Very helpful leadership, forge point exchanging threads, social community, fair trade guild, and no commitment to fight battle grounds...
  5. What happens when a Guild is dissolved?

    What happens to all the goods in the guild inventory when it gets dissolved? I can't seem to find the answer by search. Thanks.
  6. emmagirl2

    How to make a successful guild (in progress)

    How to make an successful guild! This is a short guide on how to run a successful guild I have tested out different methods creating the guild First You look for a suitable leader who you trust before you make the guild Next you talk with the person you want to help you run the guild and talk...
  7. Farfle the smelly

    Looking for an active guild on S

    Myself and two others are shopping for a guild that we can sink our teeth into. We are young but active and highly motivated. Would like a guild that wants to mentor their younger players in exchange for devotion to their GBs, taverns and killing ourselves in the name of GE and GBG gloryhood...
  8. emmagirl2


    do you still get prestige if a sector is getting sieged
  9. emmagirl2

    [Question] How do you make a successful GvG top guild

    Hi all i lead a level 6 guild out of all the level 6 guilds we have the highest prestige from GvG and we are brand new to our world we do GvG GE and GBG and we struggle to keep the treasury from drying out
  10. Iroh the Tea Maker

    [Question] What is the latest one should join a guild to be able to participate the the GE?

    Is there a minimum duration of memebership before I can participate in a GE and GbG?
  11. Guilds on Mobile App

    Would a mobile app only player make a bad founder? I have not yet joined a guild and was considering forming my own at some point in part to play a guild from the very beginning. After discovering there are major guild features that can't be accessed on the app, I'm wondering if I founded a...
  12. The Pact is looking for members of all ages

    The Pact is looking for members of all ages, whether you're in the Stone Age or the Space Age, Middle Ages or the Future, we accept all. Members of The Pact follow three simple rules: Honor - we do not plunder other players' cities unless we are plundered or at war. Aid - we help our...
  13. WinnerGR

    Guild Treasury to guild Treasury Trading

    Proposal Format Proposal I propose the ability for guild leaders to trade with other guilds using the guild treasury as guilds can end up with thousands of one good and none of another .Guilds will be able to trade with each other for 5FP paid by the GL making the offer and the GL receiving the...
  14. [Question] Are there any real benefits to creating a single-person guild?

    I'm looking to play more casually and don't think any of the more dedicated guilds are right for me. Thus, I've been thinking a bit about guilds that only have a single player in them. I've considered making a guild mostly to reap from the GE's and guild level benefits. Would this be...
  15. Tarcotti

    Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is recruiting!

    *Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is a caring, loyal, and internationally diverse group of players so obsessed with playing this game, we sometimes choose it over sleep! *O.N.E. believes in serious game play and serious fun. *We have accountability for our requirements and we enjoy crushing...
  16. WinnerGR

    Thinking Of starting a New Guild

    I now am interested to see whether anybody is looking at helping me get a new guild up and running . I would to start with stay in the #12 guild I am currently in but as we get stronger I will join as founder . First of all we will need a GL , who will create the guild. Anybody interested , you...
  17. BattleGrounds Copy & Paste

    Proposal Create a copy & paste system for Guild BattleGrounds sectors. Current System Data is available, but no means of copy paste - or easy transfer to the messaging system exists. Instead the item must be read, memorized and retyped every time for every sector to the preferred messaging...
  18. The Forest Dwellers needs memebers!

    We don't have any requirements except for play the game and don't be rude. A lot of guilds have rules on what you have, how long you play, or how you play it. We literally just want some more players. That said, if you want to help with expeditions or on the battlegrounds we'd love it! Also, we...
  19. Sakura Unsheathed (Recruiting) New Guild For New or Old Players

    Join Sakura Unsheathed, A new and outstanding guild and few in number. I am the leader Guysuper and I hope we can be allies in our upcoming greatness! We only have a few rules Stay active Get points Participate in expeditions And That's all The more you participate the more rights you will...
  20. Guild Market access rights

    Proposal Adding a guild controlled right for market access Current System (if applicable) Currently players can join a guild have immediate access to the "guild only" and fp free market trades Details There is little to stop a player from hopping from guild to guild essentially plundering the...