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higher age

  1. KingJMobile

    Higher Era Units, Lower Age Boredom

    I've never thought I'd say this but I'm getting bored of having higher-era units. Correction: I'm bored of being stuck in the Progressive Era, but I just forget how much I rely on higher-era units. This is my main world btw. To give some context, I have almost 1450/1450 offensive and 400/340...
  2. KingJMobile

    Pushing the Continent to the Space Ages in Progressive/Industrial Age v1.0.2

    A Brief Introduction This is my journal guide for fighting the Continent Map to the Space Ages as early as the Industrial Age, in fact (though I am in the Progressive Era). In this journal guide, I will state information and theoretical calculations to work out the costs and effectiveness of all...
  3. UBERhelp1

    [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.20

    Introduction to the Higher Age Units Guide Welcome to the Higher Age Units Guide! One of the common questions that appears on this forum is that of how to fight better. My solution? Getting higher aged units. These units can give the player a huge advantage in PvP (both offense and defense)...