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  1. DreadfulCadillac1

    D.C. Inc™

    Lowest Prices Around!™ DC Goods Inc.™ of Jaims is a large, independently run business that currently sells goods in Jaims. We at D.C.G. believe in family values and hard work. That's why 100% of our profits are donated to the M.E. foundation, helping level great buildings since 2020. If you'd...
  2. Realm of the Dragon guild wants members of all age levels

    Hi, I started this new guild, Realm of the Dragon on 2/24/ 2017 here in Jaims. I am an avid game player, playing several games online and enjoy this game as I find it is more relaxing than some of the others games I play. ( if you know what I mean, LOL) I would like you to join if you want a...