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  1. OGITH

    Unformatted NEW Prize ideas.

    its TOO Bad we Cant WIN items from Battles Like This one...
  2. Queen Serenity of Cevia

    New Guild in Brisgard seeking players of all ages!

    I am an experienced player, playing for the first time in Brisgard as I wanted to start in a new world to create a new concept guild. My guild would not be using the standards swap threads but instead be highly focused on utilizing the 1.9 leveling system. As well as a dedicated Arc 1.9 thread...
  3. OGITH

    NEW Negotiate idea.

    i Wish That This Would Work in This Picture in the Future on the Continent MAP. https://prnt.sc/von9tt
  4. Unformatted Foe Dungeons! (Check this out!)

    Idea: An alternative option to settlements. With this idea, you could choose to complete a dungeon in place of the settlement for the same rewards. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested...
  5. Farfle the smelly

    Looking for an active guild on S

    Myself and two others are shopping for a guild that we can sink our teeth into. We are young but active and highly motivated. Would like a guild that wants to mentor their younger players in exchange for devotion to their GBs, taverns and killing ourselves in the name of GE and GBG gloryhood...
  6. Aurora Jolene

    Where are my citizens?

    I have only been playing a few days and am in the bronze age. That being said I can't figure out where all my citizens went? I uploaded a screenshot of the city so you can see. I've played around with it and closed and reopened the game and it hasn't changed! Please help.
  7. Sakura Unsheathed (Recruiting) New Guild For New or Old Players

    Join Sakura Unsheathed, A new and outstanding guild and few in number. I am the leader Guysuper and I hope we can be allies in our upcoming greatness! We only have a few rules Stay active Get points Participate in expeditions And That's all The more you participate the more rights you will...
  8. Worlds

    So I'm pretty new to this game, around the Iron Age status. I just need to know if being in one world (vingrid) or something like that. Is that world limiting me to the amount of players I can connect with? Or do all the worlds somewhat connect and I'm still capable to go to say, someone in a...
  9. Gamers Gone Mobile LF Guild Members!

    Gamers Gone Mobile is a new guild looking to add new players who are on the Vingrid server. We perfer players who are new to the game in general and will learn and grow together under a leader who has prior experience from another server. We are a fair trade guild and will be looking to get into...
  10. A★K is looking for a few good players

    A FIGHTERS GUILD ▸ open to friendly team players ▸ home of the loyal and true ▸ proven for the experienced ▸ will train newcomers ALL STAR KILLERS an elite crew of players all dedicated to working together as one – rallying to fortify for battle in Guild vrs. Guild and Guild Expeditions...
  11. [Question] Halloween Quest Graveyard upgrade

    When should we expect the graveyard to receive the improvement again?
  12. .

  13. (A little early I know) Revamp halloween event.

    Proposal: Revamp the Halloween event to be more than just a do x to get random reward, get mediocre building for all your trouble. Current system: The Halloween quest is just a historical quest but with much more vague instructions and an ok reward at best Details: Halloween as we celebrate it...
  14. New Guild Expeditions Guild Now Recruiting

    Are you tired of GvG? Of having to get a bunch of players together at the same time to fight, and having enough goods to siege, fill and refill defenses? Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. I have led in guilds on different worlds in different capacities and have played FoE for three years. I am...
  15. SELECTABLE Era for GBs

    Here is a proposal for changing the behavior of GBs producing goods for treasury. Until now, all of these GBs ( like observatory ) are producing goods of the highest era that player is in the tech tree. This is a very limited and forced behavior. Now I suggest to make it possible for players...
  16. The Haven is looking for Recruits!

    We are a fun trading guild.We support each other in all aspects of the game.We have a mandantory statement,on raising Great Buildings,that give us under an hour to 3 hrs of leveling time.Our trade is second to none.Great building 'Swaps",and 'GE',incentives make it more interesting.We are...