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  1. If you're a FIGHTER, join us at Guild Wars!

    If you're interested in GvG, check us out at Guild Wars!... We are a Top 10, fully-active guild with strong leadership which communicates with members and lots of perks... - GvG focus (we are mostly fighters with a few farmers) - High participation rate in GE (65%+) - Fighter training program...
  2. LOD is open to accept active Guild or Recruit GE players

    LOD is looking for players who like to focus on (GE) Guild Exploration, Do you have any players who like to see medals achieved? Maybe they have a Temple of Relics or other Great Building that are having trouble getting assistance in leveling it? All we require is to have at least 2 great...
  3. Empire Merchants Guild

    hi we are currently accepting new recruits for the EMPIRE MERCHANTS guild you may find a list of rules in our guilds description in game if you have any question you may contact the clan founder mrguard in game hope to see you soon :)
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  5. Harley's Knights: Now Recruiting!

    Welcome one and all. Join Harley's knights, as one the best trading guilds in cirgard we can guarantee you'll get everything you need to progress and grow and we are very active with guild expedition. Here we believe the members make the guild rather than numbers on a leaderboard so we are very...
  6. The Haven is looking for Recruits!

    We are a fun trading guild.We support each other in all aspects of the game.We have a mandantory statement,on raising Great Buildings,that give us under an hour to 3 hrs of leveling time.Our trade is second to none.Great building 'Swaps",and 'GE',incentives make it more interesting.We are...
  7. New Guild S World Recruiting - ÆPΘTHEΘSIS° JOIN TODAY!!!

    ÆPΘTHEΘSIS° is a new guild forming in Sinerania that will be dedicated to teaching those that desire to achieve the highest point in the development of their cities and guild!!! • WE ARE LOOKING FOR LEADERS in GvG play, PvP play and need Generals to take control of each age. • We are also...
  8. Masters of Forge is recruiting active players

    Masters of Forge (MoF) is looking for active players of all ages to join our guild. We are not full of drama,we just want to play the game, so if you are interested all you have to do is contact longmire11 for an invite or apply. Thanks