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  1. UBERhelp1

    [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.20

    Introduction to the Higher Age Units Guide Welcome to the Higher Age Units Guide! One of the common questions that appears on this forum is that of how to fight better. My solution? Getting higher aged units. These units can give the player a huge advantage in PvP (both offense and defense)...
  2. Allow guildmates to donate troops/resources

    Wouldn't it be great if someone could send you help for your war... So many soldiers lost, training time for each man takes so long. Sometimes a player needs a little help on resources or troops to advance their empire. Many empires were built on such aid from allies-- Especially troops!!
  3. [Guide] Attacking with troops (Basics)

    Each troop Is one of many based on primary troop types in the FOE circle of life.(heavy, light, fast, range, and artillery){there also rouges and champions but champions are fast with single stat buffs and rouges can move quickly take a single hit if other units exist and then copy the stats of...
  4. Concerning Troops

    Is it better to keep all military buildings or swap them out for their more modern counterparts?