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  1. Units "odds"?

    When in a battle, what do the numbers over the unit's head actually mean? Newbie question, I guess.
  2. UBERhelp1

    [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.20

    Introduction to the Higher Age Units Guide Welcome to the Higher Age Units Guide! One of the common questions that appears on this forum is that of how to fight better. My solution? Getting higher aged units. These units can give the player a huge advantage in PvP (both offense and defense)...
  3. [Question] Why Selling Army Building takes away units we've trained and paid for?

    I have a question about selling army buildings. Why do we lose the units along with buildings? They supposed to stay unattached until they die in battle. Where's the logic in making them redundant with building? The whole idea of *unattached units* is having no building to regenerate. Why...
  4. Auto battle vs manual battle

    it appears that using the auto battle feature will generate more battle points than when doing it manually....can someone confirm.... When doing manual I always use terrain bonus, I use battle bonus by correctly attacking with a unit that has an attack bonus....for example....use a ranged...