ǼPΘTHƐΘŞIŞ° has a few spots still open for Fighters


ǼPΘTHƐΘŞIŞ° has a few spots open in our guild for serious fighters and players!
Message LordParagon or Knight Time Terror for a guild invitation.

We are in the Top 25 and continue to grow; serious players only please; prefer none mobile as well.
We have guild forums second to none! You will find all your answers to any questions there!

We are still looking for:
♦ Age Commanders and Generals for GvG in HMA, LMA and CA right now.
♦ Traders & Internal Officers

• Yes; we have donation rules and actually quite a few more - which is why we will eventually rule this world.
• If you are joining a guild without concise rules and a vision, then you are wasting your time.

WE ARE DEDICATED TO TAKING anyone that is serious and wants to learn the game and will give direction to those that have been left to forage in confusion all alone. SO, if you are interested in the game, JOIN US TODAY!

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