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ஜ♚♕50FP to 100FP Sign-On Bonus♕♚ஜ


New York Mafia is seeking new members! Are you Colonial Age or better? Are you looking for a guild with camaraderieship, training, swap threads, room for growth and more? Interest in, or want to learn GvG a definate plus! Farm only? We have a few openings for you as well. We're offering a 50FP sign-on bonus, (payable to you after a week of being part of our guild) and another 50FP after a months participation! For an application and guild requirements, drop Lady Missy a message. Looking FoE-ward to hearing from you!

Figthters - 2 levels of GE per week (or more); 3 days (times optional) per week and be able and willing to fight in lower ages than your current age (if applicable), DAs if possible.

Farmers - 2 levels of GE per week (or more); drop in 2 barracks, (for DAs) and 2 goods buildings, (for donation) for current age(s) GvG is active in.