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1.9 Help Needed

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Hey guys, I’m looking for people out there with level 80 or above arcs who would be interested in locking spots on my Arc for 1.9. I’m asking because my guild only has a 1.8 thread and 1.9 drops will cause an Arc to level about a month faster or more. If you are interested, just reply here letting me know and I will friend request you in game. You could also message me in game (my name is 22prentwil). My arc is currently level 19 for anyone who wants to know. I will need a few people to lock spots (right now only 1st and 2nd are constantly lockable, but third will soon become available as my Arc levels higher).

Also this could be the beginning of an Arc club that locks at 1.9, which could be very helpful for players who only have 1.8 threads in their guild. Once my Arc is at 80 I will be looking to start one up, so anyone who doesn’t yet have a level 80 arc, but may be interested in being in a 1.9 Arc club later on can reply here so that I know for the future.