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Yeah this is cool data, I didn't know there were several undefeated 60+ win guilds.


Tried to congratulate leaders of my world with the link of this post. Message got marked as spam :)


My god! Did you make a city in each world and collected these data from Global Ranking? One by one for each guild?


I did some stats too(Nov 1 Data);

-Top 10 Guild Stats
-21 Worlds A-V (210 Guilds)
-Prestige Range 2,951 - 45,019

# of Guilds/Prestige Range (in thousands)
6) 0-5
108) 5-10
48) 10-15
22) 15-20
13) 20-25
6) 25-30
5) 30-35
0) 35-40
2) 40-45


Most guilds fell into the 3-10 thousand prestige 50-75 percent gold trophies quadrant (see chart)


Overall Averages
Avg. Prestige 11,831
Avg. Gold Trophies 36
Avg. Silver Trophies 14
Avg. Bronze Trophies 5
Avg. Placed GE 55 times
Avg. Gold per place 65%

(I adjusted all guilds who had over 60 trophies by reducing the gold trophies to reach 60 total)
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I suppose the question should be asked...Do the stats for a 65-0-0 guilds include all or any of the times they finished could have finished 4th?


My guys aren't old enough to be close to those stats yet but we have a 1st or 2nd in all our GE's thus far


I didn't want to make a new thread, and I can't edit my signature due to a weird bug so I'm posting here.

Switching GE statistics to Zorskog starting next week, to get data on lower level ToR drops and using goods to play.

Completed level 4 in my 3rd week so will be able to get all data compiled. Starting in HMA we can see how many goods it costs to get through L4.


It will be great if Inno can gather this information for us on a weekly basis.
Love this thread.
Thanks empireforger!