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New Issue <<<<<<

Dominator - X

Active Member
  • Browser and Version: Latest updated Firefox

  • Overview of the bug: When visiting cities, the Tavern Visitors number (IE 9/16 for example) from my Tavern shows up on their Tavern. Also the time left on my AD shows up on their AD. Also, when I empty the seats in my Tavern, the number (16/16) does not reset to 0/16. Only resets if I refresh the browser.
    When doing a search in the Inventory, the search never resets. Even if you click on another tab and return. Nor when you close the tab altogether and reopen it. The only thing that clears it, is if I backspace the entire entry. This may not be a glitch (I actually like it), though I did not notice it in the update thread.

  • Screenshots: None

  • How often this occurs: All the time.

  • Urgency: Low

  • Preventative Actions:

  • Summary:

Just started noticing these issues today, after the update.
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