5 Diamond Collect All button on mobile

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Add a button on the mobile version to do all collections at once for the price of 5 diamonds.

Current System (if applicable)
Already exists in desktop version, but currently not available on mobile.

With over 300 FP's gained through my daily collections, it's increasingly difficult to keep collection times lined up on mobile due to the 100 FP cap. If my collections come through during the day on a weekday when I'm at work and in front of a computer, then there's no issues.

Abuse Prevention
As long as this feature is disabled when you have 100+ FP's currently sitting in your bar, then I don't see any avenues for abuse.

Visual Aids
No images created.

I feel that this is a win/win for both sides. Me as the player, I don't have the issue of having to dump my FP's in an undesired place just to be able to complete my collections on time. The game developers benefit by providing another means of diamond usage to the player, which could potentially influence more diamond purchases. I would be willing to pay more than just 5 diamonds to have this feature added to mobile.
In the proposals section, stickied to the top, is a Do Not Suggest List (DNSL). While it is annoying to read the lists and even more annoying to find your brilliant idea on it, it will save you the time and effort of writing up such a nice proposal if your idea is indeed the list.

Do Not Suggest...
  • Bringing computer functions to mobile devices
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