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Forwarded a small proposal to help with vision impaired players

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my eyesight isnt as good as it should be. from this, i would like to see the 3 icons in image to be more brightly litup. the brighter one is the one that would be currently open...while the other icons would be in dim mode because they are inactive.
(neighbors) (guild) (friends)



good ol DC.. i want to highlight that this proposal is focused primarily on my tablet..i can see everything fine when iam on the pc.


+1 I believe in options for accessibility in any media or physical space.

When I did the buildout for my building I had already specc’d an additional ADA bathroom (the original is grandfathered, no way you get a walker/wheelchair in there) was told by L&I I needed an ADA and I’m like it’s already taped out on the ground.

Honestly, accessibility, it’s the right thing to do. In media it’s hard (I’ve done it for US FedGov on a contract) but it’s important.


thx for the positive feedback . i vote that this idea would be implemented in the next downtime sometime in the near future. for now, when iam on my tablet, id have to pinch and expand the page in city.


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BTW, I vote no.

Just kidding, I vote yes and will vote yes in the poll. Good job.

Stephen Longshanks

This proposal passed the voting and is being submitted to the developers.
Not open for further replies.