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His one plunder was in EMA. Isn't that where Alabaster is? Hmmm?
I just noticed...........
So our old friend, ardak kumerin, told us that he only got plundered once. In the early Middle Ages. He hates plunder ever since..... and EMA is where alabaster is... as Mr. longshanks said... so.... that is why he hates plunder ;)


I got my alchemist plundered once since being in HMA (8 or 9 weeks now). My defense is 4 trebuchets and 4 champions. I have 0% defense. That 1 alchemist plunder cost me about 1100 supplies and one random repeatable quest (could have been 5 FP!, but probably like 6k coins). Either way, I agree with the OP. The amount of D buildings needed to deter attacks overrides the net gain of said buildings. This may only not be the case when you have a lot of non-motivated, forge point-producing special buildings that can have their FPs plundered. If I knew you had a weak defense I would clear your army every day for a 5PF terrace farm or maharaja's palace.


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My defense is 4 trebuchets and 4 champions. I have 0% defense.
I sure hope that was a lie to entice people into futilely attacking you! Otherwise... why spell this out publicly? LOL :eek::confused:

The amount of D buildings needed to deter attacks overrides the net gain of said buildings.
Agree to disagree. I enjoy peace of mind if for some reason I need to do something else with my time and not worry that I'm going to come back to a ruined city that's been plundered to all hell. Sure, I collect on time... but it's nice to know I don't always have to.

Stephen Longshanks

This should be a "read only" sticky and mandatory reading for every new player.
I'm guessing that you're saying this sarcastically as a plunderer that wants noobs to forgo defense. ;)

But, seriously, the guy's whole concept is flawed. Defense items are put where you can't fit goods buildings, especially in later eras where goods buildings get fairly large. So there is no trade off between them and potential goods buildings, which is what his whole post is based on. :rolleyes:


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I kinda sorta in a little way agree a bit maybe with the OP's premise Somewhat...

Kist my personal experience. I donlt get plundered. I don't get attacked, This goes all the way back to my start 3 years ago.

I mean, it happens, but... Not a lot. Twice this year? However, it may Algona's Dumb Luck at work. I see other folk talking about plundering and getting plundered, but it just doesn't happen to me.

I've never seen a need for defense, even though I went out of the eay to collect 20 watchfires the first opportunity I got. I daydreamed about putting a couple expansions in a far corner of my cuty and filling it with WFs to surprise attackers. Heh.

So I guess i've benefitted over the years by not sweating defense.

But I sure wouldn't tell anyone who wants a a defense that they are crazy or inefficient or bad play. Who am I to judge? I'm the guy woth 20 WWs in his main city..I've seen some beautiful defenses. One CE player had his city ringed with WFs and RFs. Gorgeous! I can;t wait to see my first powered SBC.

But I might tell a new player to wait and see what happens before building up a defence. I think that I'd rather talk to them about efficient city design and other ways to mitigate plundering.


Fun, limited, analysis.

I say limited since GBs & Tribal squares and other buildings can create alternative strategies to acquire goods instead of just pure good buildings. Once unrefined versus refined enters the picture, I feel the 'square cost' comparison becomes even more murky.

I agree with the sentiment of 0% defense equaling more profitable/productive city. For my current situation, I'm debating on kicking out some RoF to free a slot for a Blacksmith to handle DCs. I'll probably keep my watchfires since they are 'rare' for me and it is easier to find a corner or end of a road for them. I've only been plundered a handful of times and to have had a defense that would of stood a chance to rebuke the pillager, I would have needed to sacrifice a T.Farms worth or more of space to dedicate to defense. Losing 5FP on a rare basis is nothing compared to the opportunity cost for 'saving' it.

To make the analysis better, we would need to take into account the total space investment needed to 'deter' attackers. How often does a 30% defense deter a 0% attacker? A 30% attacker? A 90% attacker? What is the optimal defense to shoot for to repulse 'most' raiders? How many raiders, on average, will breach & pillage you per week? Are we focusing on good buildings only, or should we have cities with Only goods, Set buildings & Goods, T.Farms & goods, Only set buildings & T.farms, etc.? Aid is being tracked, should we track if the player is also a pillager and if that effects the amount of attacks on a city and pillages? I'm sure we could brainstorm even more confounding variables.

That's why I like FoE so much. There are enough variables to construct multiple ways to deal with being pillaged. Stack Watchfires/RoF/2GBs to dissuade everyone except the most robust attackers. Don't place buildings that can be plundered. Collect on time. Plunder, be plundered and only care if the rum is gone. Place valuable mutli-production buildings and only use the 5 min setting... Disconnect the road or building from the town hall...? Delete everything and send a road message to those vile pillagers!

That all being said...

I may scour my event log and attempt to contribute some data into the thread instead of my usual opinion screed.


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I currently have a 24/224 defense (not counting troop boosts) buoyed by 16 Watchfires + 12 Ritual Flames, and a level 8 Saint Basil's Cathedral on its way to level 10 before moving on to something else. I haven't been plundered since I don't know... 2016? But I do get attacked here and there, despite being such an obviously lopsided attempt. I suspect it's usually people who aren't paying attention, especially the ones who surrender immediately, but attack again the next day, only to surrender again, rinsing and repeating. I know I'd be attacked much more if I were easier prey, given what I've seen of the hoods I've been in. I attack and plunder everyone who attacks me, hoping it will remind them that clicking aid is the better choice. Point is... I never even think about getting attacked, and certainly not plundered. I've actually been breeched a couple times over the last year by players who wanted to use tavern boosts to get through, even then taking it down to their last fighter just before they win. But none of these people were able to plunder me, since I (almost always) collect on time. I revenge attack, plunder, and aid the next day as long as they don't attack again. It's nice to not have to worry about collecting a few hours late should I choose to go to a movie with my girlfriend instead of playing FoE. I know... blasphemy, right?! ;)


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it is not rewarded by the game rules, mechanics, or scoring system.
Wellllll, not sure what the first means, the second is wrong, and the third can be debated.

Ranking Points, while somewhat irrelevant can be influenced by defence: Unplundered Goods spent increase RP.

Mechanics, is just wrong. A good defence will stop plunders, there is massive evidence of this in the Plunder progress thread.

And I have no idea what you mean about the game rules.


Boss, it's a funny thing about defence. There's no way to tell whether or not a player is deterred from attacking without asking the player.

You and I have experienced very luttle in the way of attacks.

But there can be other factors. I'm always at the top of my hood. I dunno about you, but when I get a DC to win 10 battles I start at the bottom of the hood and work up. I suspect your cities are at or towards the top? Do you have 'counterattack' ability? Another deterrent... Are your cities filled with plunder targets? Do you Collect On Time?

Yes, I agree with your basic premise that a reasonable argument can be made for more profit from no defence. I'm proof of that.

But there is a 5 year history of more complaints about plundering on these forums then anything else in the game that you need to account for in your argument.

Stephen Longshanks

You know, I figure the only real reason you would put forth a guide like this would be to convince newer/naive players not to worry about defense so you could plunder them more easily. Because it's ridiculous on the face of it. As many have pointed out, plundering is not rare in this game, and defense structures go in spaces that goods buildings wouldn't fit.